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A dog sitting on a man's lap representing dog hacks

DIY Dog Hacks: Best Life Hacks For Pet Owners

Taking care of a dog can sometimes be a lot of work. What are some of the most clever and practical “wish I’d thought of that” life hacks for pet owners? We’ve found some great dog hacks that will help you save money while keeping your dog happy.

Make Your Own Dog Treats

It’s undeniable how expensive dog treats seem to be getting with each passing year, and with the state of the world as it is, you’ll probably have an easier time making your own than buying them.

The key to dog treats is to find out what your dogs like the most. Many pooches have a bias for the taste of peanut butter, in which case a cookie of this flavor would be the answer.

Another quick hack to making a doggy treat is this amazing liver dog treat recipe. Aside from being totally organic and nutritious, it’s also ridiculously easy to make and very cheap.

On the other hand, some dogs can be more choosy with their favorites. If they have a particular food that they really like, such as apples or sweet potatoes, a great way to make treats for them would be to cut these into slices and dry them in an oven.

If you're a little short on budget, you can even try making raw food for your pet at home. Still, it's important to first be informed regarding the pros and cons of raw diet for dogs.

Remember to keep track of any allergies or other ingredients which may harm your pet. Aside from that, happy cooking!

Create DIY Dog Toys

Dog playing with a DIY toy

Having a hard time keeping your pet stimulated lately? Or maybe he just chews through that expensive interactive dog toy you bought him like it was paper?

Whatever the case, creating your own DIY dog toy is certainly a treat for your adorable pooches. Unlike what some would make you believe, there’s actually plenty of accessible options when trying to make a toy for your pet.

For example, you can re-sew some of those old squeaky chew toys just by simply replacing the squeakers inside with new ones. You can buy these wholesale in online shops for cheap.

Alternatively, you can make your own toy with some good old-fashioned ropes. Just make sure that the materials you’re getting are strong and safe for your pets to chow on.

If that’s still not enough ideas, then you can also make your own snuffle mat or rug out of some spare fabric in your closet. Yes, it’s that easy to make something your fluffy friend would love!

Get Some Pet Insurance

This should actually go without saying. Insurance is a necessary part of pet disaster preparedness. It’s also a lifesaver when it comes to unexpected events such as illnesses or accidents.

Be wary, however. There are many pet insurance companies that have rigorous policies which may not cover your pet.

For example, some don’t cover pre-existing conditions in pets, even if they haven’t been detected before. Ideally, you should get your insurance as soon as you get your pups. Doing an initial health exam is also recommended to provide proof for the company.

Some businesses may also require heavy documentation before they release funds for your furry pal. As such, it’s important to remember to save all your vet bills and other necessary papers when trying to get your pet’s illness covered.

There are also many kinds of pet insurance available. Some of them work on a reimbursement model, meaning you still have to pay upfront for the vet fees.

Some others, such as Trupanion, pay directly to the vet, which may be a better option for people who can’t afford to save up thousands of dollars in emergency funding.

Availing of some pet insurance can reduce the stress for you if ever your pup experiences some medical emergency.

Potty Train Your Furry Friend On A Dog Litter

Shih tzu peeing on an absorbent pad, a life hack for owners

Do you think only cats can get trained on litter?  Surprise, surprise, our canine friends can actually do it as well.

Litter boxes are totally a thing for dogs. They are specially used for potty training pups because it’s easier for their size to get used to it.

Dog litter is absolutely the best for people who work long hours and have small dogs. While it’s also totally viable to litter train some big breeds, they would probably go through an entire tray in just one use, making it both expensive and unfeasible.

While there are many brands available online, you can also make your own dog litter at home.  All you need is some grass, soil, and wood to make the container. It’s basically like making a mini-lawn for your pups to pee in.

Alternatively, if you’re not really a DIY person, you can also buy some absorbent pads or dog potty for your pal to pee in.

Just make sure that you’re training them consistently. Also, remember to replace them when they get filled up, as it is necessary for your dog’s health and the cleanliness of your house.

Hack Puppy Dental Care With This Homemade Dog Toothpaste

Any dog lover knows just how expensive dental care is for dogs. Not everyone can afford to buy vet-designed dental care food for their darlings.

While this doesn’t make you any less worthy as a pet owner, it’s important to find alternatives to take care of their teeth. Luckily, we just have the solution.

The importance of brushing teeth cannot be overstated. There are many negative consequences when ignoring your dog’s dental care, which, if not properly examined, can lead to a decline in their overall health.

The non-profit group recommends using tasty and non-toxic products when making doggy toothpaste. This includes chicken broth, peanut butter, and turmeric.

While adding antibacterial and cleaning ingredients is necessary to make their toothpaste, you should also prioritize their enjoyment of it. If you put in some of their favorite food, they might even start looking forward to these grooming sessions.

As for the other needed ingredients, baking soda is something that will really help with the upkeep of your furry pal’s teeth. However, remember that these may be toxic in large amounts, so you should minimize the amount you use when cleaning them.

Store Some Lint Remover

Dog hair on a car seat

Dogs are known for their fluffy goodness and their silky smooth coat that feels so nice when you cuddle with them. However, having your favorite dog lover apparel get covered with the same fur may not be as nice of a feeling.

While regular grooming can reduce some of these stray furs, it is generally an unavoidable fact that you’re always going to see some of them when you become a dog parent. Still, you’ll be glad to know that you can make the entire cleaning process easier by having your own lint remover.

Although it may sound ridiculous and a bit over the top, lint removers are handy when trying to get rid of all the fur your pup has left behind on their couch. This is definitely a more effective option than just trying to swipe them away by hand or, God forbid, picking them up one by one.

Their size and versatility are also what make them a better option than a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Many particles often get left even when you’ve run your carpet through with a vacuum.

Although you might see this as an unnecessary investment, this might be a cost-efficient spend for people who have busy schedules and can’t afford to spend too long a time cleaning up these stray fur.

Have Your Dog Lick Peanut Butter While Trimming

If you’ve ever trimmed your dog yourself, then you should know how much of a trial it can be. Some of our pooches can be real drama queens or be too hyper when it comes to grooming time.

Luckily for you, peanut butter is here to save the day! Try distracting your lovely pooch with this amazing food on a platter as you work on his nails.

Your dog won’t be able to resist the temptation of this delectable treat. He won’t even notice you finishing up on his nails as he slurps on this food.

Be reminded, however, that you should only give this out in moderation. Moreover, try going for the unsalted version, as high-sodium food may prove unhealthy for your pup.

Alternatively, if your pooch is small, you can try using a body suit and restraining him above to make it easier when trimming. Just remember to make sure that your dog is in a comfortable position to prevent any injury or pain.

Save Money From This Pooch Shampoo

Dog getting a bath from owner

Is money too hard this month? Or maybe you’re just feeling particularly lazy to go visit the pet store? Either way, have a try at making your own doggy shampoo from these tips.

The ingredients for a plain homemade doggy shampoo are quite easy to find and may even be available in your pantry right now. The basic recipe, according to the American Kennel Club, just calls for water, non-toxic dish soap, and white vinegar.

Remember to rinse your pet very, very thoroughly after any bath. Leftover chemicals might prove irritating to your pup, while the vinegar scent can leave some long-lasting odor.

A different recipe is needed for dogs with sensitive coats. However, it’s still very possible to make it at home. For example, an oatmeal shampoo only needs uncooked oatmeal, baking soda, and water. It’s also very good for its soothing properties.


What are dog hacks?

Dog hacks are what we call some simple tricks or tips which are generally unknown yet helpful in raising your quality of life.

What are other ways to make cleaning up fur easier?

Use rubber gloves when picking up hair off the furniture. Although it might not be as effective as an actual lint remover, it still produces some surprising results. Moreover, it's very easy to access.

How to make toothbrushing easier for my pet?

If you're really having a hard time getting your pet to open up, leave some of that homemade toothbrush on a rope toy or something else they love to chew. it's a good way for them to have fun and clean their teeth at the same time.
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