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Sings That Your Cat Loves You

5 Signs: How To Tell If Your Cat Loves You

How to tell if your cat loves you

There’s no mistaking signs of affection from dogs, they make it perfectly clear that they’re nuts about you. You know your cat loves you too, he’s just a little more subtle about showing it. Here are some cat body language signals that let you know your cat is just as crazy about you as your dog is.

How To Tell If Your Cat Loves You

1. The Slow Blink

How to tell your cat loves you

Slow blinks are such a strong sign of affection that they are often also called “kitty kisses.” Your cat will look at unfamiliar people with a stare. The slow blink is reserved for the humans that they feel most relaxed and comfortable with, it’s a sign of trust and affection. Go ahead and do the slow blink back at your cat, it will strengthen the bond you share with your feline friend. This is the first sign that your cat does indeed love you!

2. Making Bread (Kneading)

how can you tell if your cat loves you kneading

Kneading behavior is when your cat pushes her paws in and out against you, often while purring (some cats even drool while doing it). A happy, contented cat will knead on people they feel relaxed around. There are different theories to explain kneading, some experts think it goes back to nursing behavior in kittens, some think they do it to create a soft place to sleep. Whatever the reason, your cat is happy when she kneads on you.

3. Belly Up

Does your cat lie upside down with his belly completely exposed when he’s around you? Animals instinctively know that the stomach is a vulnerable spot on the body, so when your cat goes upside down to relax or take a nap, you know that he is truly comfortable and content around you. He may not necessarily want his tummy rubbed like a dog, but the belly up position is a sign of trust and trust is another way to know your cat loves you.

4. The Tale of the Tail

how to know if your cat loves you

Your cat’s tail position is another way to tell if your cat loves you. Generally, an upright tail is a sign of happiness and contentment. Look for subtle differences in the upright tail position. A very high tail means friendliness and confidence. A little twitch at the tip means your cat is in a particularly good mood. A high tail held in a curve like a question mark means that your cat wants to have some fun and play with you.

5. Head Butting (Booping)

signs that your cat loves you

Did you know that when a cat butts her head against you it’s called “bunting” and is always a sign that you are number one in her eyes? A cat who bumps and rubs her head against you is sealing the bond of close connection and friendship. Scent marking is usually done by rubbing the mouth area on something. A forehead butt doesn’t mean that a cat is just marking you, it is a true sign of affection and familiarity. This is the fifth sign that your cat loves you!

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