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Kitty sitting on cute cat stuff

Cute Cat Stuff: Best Gifts For Cat Lovers

With all the options and online shops out there, it's harder than ever to choose the best cute cat stuff for our friends. That said, here's a list of the best gifts for cat lovers, curated just for you!

Toys: Keep Your Furry Friend Entertained

To keep your kitten entertained, you'll want to invest in some cat toys. After all, a bored cat can lead to behavioral issues and destroyed furniture!

Interactive toys are always a good option. Things like feather playthings, laser pointers, and catnip mice will give your cat exercise and mental stimulation. Rotate them to keep things interesting.

Puzzles that dispense treats as your cat plays are another great choice. They keep cats engaged for hours, trying to get the treats out. Just be sure to account for the extra calories and adjust your cat's normal feedings.

For independent play, get some crinkle balls, springs, and other stuff that your kitty can bat around on their own. Place a few around the house so your cat always has something within pouncing distance.

With the right combination of these things, your cat will get plenty of enrichment to tap into their natural hunting instincts. Keeping a cat's mind and body active is key to their health and happiness. So next time you're shopping for cute cat stuff, be sure to throw in a few toys to keep your little hunter entertained.

Cat Beds: For Sleeping and Lounging

Cat sitting on a bed

When it comes to cat beds, you have lots of cute and cozy options to choose from. Your furry friend will love lounging the day away in one of these comfy beds.

Donut beds: These plush, circular beds are perfect for cats who like to curl up. The raised rim gives them a sense of security, while the cushiony center keeps them cozy.

Cave beds: For cats who like to burrow, a cave bed with a hood is ideal. These beds make great hiding spots and nap spots.

Heated beds: If your cat likes to stay toasty, a heated bed is a purr-fect choice. These beds provide a warm spot for lounging and can help ease joint pain in older cats or those with arthritis.

With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find a bed that suits your cat's sleeping and lounging needs. And a comfy, content cat means a happy cat owner! So go ahead, and treat your fur baby to a cozy new bed. Their purrs of contentment will be thanks enough.

Cat Trees: Give Your Feline Their Own Space

Cats love having their own space to climb, scratch, nap, and play. Thus, this item is the perfect gift for any cat person. Even better is they come in all shapes and sizes to suit any space.

Look for a tree that is tall, sturdy, and covered in sisal rope or carpet so your cat can scratch and climb to their heart’s content. Multiple platforms at different levels give your cat spots to perch and survey its kingdom. Hide treats or toys on the platforms to make the tree even more engaging.

For smaller spaces, a wall-mounted cat shelf or condo lets your cat climb up and get off the floor. These also give shy kitties a place to escape and hide when they want alone time.

No matter which option you choose, a tree or wall-mounted cat furniture gives your favorite feline a space of its own to call home. Your friend will thank you for this cat gift by providing you with hours of entertainment by watching their pets play on their new cat tree.

Grooming Products: Keep Your Pet Clean and Stylish

Cat getting groomed with slicker brush

We recommend buying this stuff as they are useful for plenty of occasions. As we all know, cats require constant grooming in order to stay trim and healthy.

Brushes and Combs

Every cat needs a good brush and comb to keep their fur from getting matted and tangled. Look for:

  • Slicker brushes: Great for detangling long or thick fur. The fine bristles glide through the coat without pulling.
  • Undercoat rakes: Help remove loose hair from the undercoat during shedding season. The tines are designed to reach through the topcoat to grab loose hair at the base.
  • Flea combs: Fine-toothed combs are ideal for removing fleas and flea dirt from your cat's coat. They can also double as mat splitters for untangling small tangles.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Bathing a cat can be challenging, so quality grooming products make a big difference. Choose a:

  • Shampoo formulated for cats: Cats have different pH levels than humans, so cat shampoo is gentle and won't dry out their skin. Look for natural ingredients with no harsh chemicals.
  • Conditioner or de-matting spray: For long or thick-furred cats, a conditioner or de-matting spray helps loosen tangles and adds moisture to the coat. Apply before brushing for easier detangling.
  • Waterless shampoo: For cats that hate baths, waterless shampoo can freshen up their coat between grooming. Spray it on and brush it out - no rinsing required.

Stylish Accessories

Once your cat's coat is clean and tangle-free, you can add some stylish accessories:

  • Bow ties or bandanas: Add a pop of color or pattern around your cat's neck. Elastic or Velcro options are more comfortable for the cat.
  • Sweaters or jackets: For hairless or short-haired cats, a cozy sweater or jacket will keep them warm. Look for loose, comfortable fabrics that won't irritate the skin.
  • Collars: A safety collar with ID is a must, but you can also get fun collars in different colors, patterns, and styles to suit your cat's personality.

Keeping your cat well-groomed with quality products and tools will make them more comfortable and help strengthen your bond. And adding some stylish accessories allows you to show off your unique personality!

Cat Clothes and Costumes

Who says clothes are just for humans? Your cat can get in on the fashion fun, too, with cute cat clothes and costumes. While some cats may not appreciate being dressed up, many cat owners find that their felines actually enjoy wearing little outfits, especially if they associate them with treats and praise.

Dressing up your cat in stylish and seasonal clothes and costumes is a fun way to show off its cuteness and creativity. Just be sure to properly size any outfit, use soft and breathable fabrics, and avoid anything too constricting or with small pieces.

With patience and positive reinforcement, your cat can get accustomed to—and even enjoy—their fashionable attire. Meow!

That said, picking up some cat clothing for humans isn't a bad idea, either. Just make sure they're cute, stylish, and ethical, like the ones in our shop for example.

How To Pick Cute Cat Stuff For Cat Lovers

Sleeping orange cat

When shopping for fellow fur parents, think cute, quirky, and practical. Some of the best gifts combine all three. Here are some tips for picking the perfect presents.

Focus on Their Feline

Cat owners adore gifts featuring their furry friends. A custom portrait or illustration of their cat is a thoughtful gift. You can also create a photo book or calendar using pictures of your cat. For cat toys, scratching posts, or treats their cats will love, check with the owner first about their cat’s needs and preferences.

Cat-Themed Everything

You really can’t go wrong with cat-themed gifts. From mugs to t-shirts to jewelry, cat motifs are always a hit. Look for high-quality items that capture the cat lover’s unique style. For example, a stylish cat print scarf, funky cat socks, or a planter for an indoor cat garden.

Practical but Playful

Combine cute and useful by choosing a practical gift with a playful cat twist. Some ideas include:

  • A cat-shaped USB charger or Bluetooth speaker
  • A cat litter-shaped pencil holder
  • Cat nail clippers or a cat brush
  • A cat-themed notebook or stationery

With so many cat-tastic options, you’ll find the purr-fect present in no time. And don’t forget—the best presents show you put thought into finding something meaningful for the recipient. A handwritten card expressing why you chose that gift for them is the cherry on top.

Choosing A Customer Friendly Shop

When shopping, it’s important to choose a store that prioritizes both you and your furry friend. Look for these signs that a shop is customer-friendly:

Knowledgeable Staff

The employees should be able to answer questions about products, provide recommendations based on your cat’s needs and interests, and offer helpful tips for cat care and enrichment. They should seem genuinely passionate about cats and their well-being.

High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Products

Look for toys, treats, beds, and other items made from natural, sustainable materials that are built to last. Avoid anything with toxic dyes or chemicals. The best shops will thoroughly vet each product to ensure it’s safe, durable, and cat-approved.

Reasonable Prices

While you want to spoil your cat, you shouldn’t have to empty your wallet to do so. Watch out for shops that excessively mark up prices just because something is “artisanal” or “gourmet.” The prices should match the quality and value of the products.

Positive Reviews

See what other customers say about the shop. Look for reviews mentioning great service, unique products, and an overall positive experience. If multiple reviews complain about poor quality, lack of selection, or bad customer service, you’re better off shopping elsewhere.

Cat-Centric Policies

The shop should allow well-behaved cats, offer donations or discounts for rescue groups, and participate in community cat events. This shows they genuinely care about the cat population, not just making a profit.

By choosing a shop that ticks all these boxes, you can feel good about where your money is going and find presents your cat will adore. The perfect present is out there—you just have to look in the right places!

Shipping Concerns

Two people doing shipping

When ordering online, keep costs and times in mind. Many smaller shops offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount, usually $35-$50. Take advantage of this to avoid paying for multiple orders.

Tracking Your Order

Once your order ships, you'll receive a tracking number so you know exactly where your package is and when it will arrive. Most shops provide tracking through major carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

Enter the number on the carrier's website to see the delivery status. Some even offer text or email alerts so you get notifications right on your phone.

While waiting for your order to arrive, think about where you'll display your new cat decor. Will you put that cute cat planter on your desk at work or on the kitchen window sill at home? Decide on the perfect spot so you can fill it with catnip or small toys as soon as your package gets there.

When your order is delivered, open it up right away to make sure everything arrived safely and as expected. Don't forget to leave a review for the shop, especially if you had a positive experience. They'll appreciate your feedback and it will help another cat parent find the perfect presents.

Most importantly, take lots of pictures of your cat enjoying their new toys or accessories and share them on social media. Your followers will surely appreciate all that cuteness! And be sure to shop for more cute stuff again soon.


Can you dress a cat?

Yes, you can dress them, provided you make sure they are comfortable.

How can I know if my kitty enjoyed my present?

You can read it from their body language and other signals.

How much should I spend on cat things?

As much as you are willing to.

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