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10 Funniest Dog and Cat Memes


Animal humor never gets old. Seems like there’s never a shortage of funny dog and cat pictures out there. Then all it takes is someone to come up with a clever saying to go with a pic and…boom…animal meme. Whether they’re old classics or new favorites, everyone loves a good animal meme. Here are some cat and dog memes guaranteed to make you smile.


Two dogs and a cat go for a car ride…


Sitting and fitting


Funny…or creepy?


Dog tree


Carbon copies


Scary husky


Ride ‘em cowboy




Don’t look now…


Cue the Titanic theme song

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bennett price - March 21, 2023

dang these are really funny!

Stephanie - January 16, 2022

Man there were funny

kayden shelton - April 13, 2021

car rides:me my brother and our sister. me and my brother are saying yay and our sister is saying we’re going to die because we’re the ones driving and we’re crashing into a wall.

Chloe - March 1, 2021

so cute and adorbs i love memes of cats and dogs .🐈🐕‍🦺🦮🐕😺😺

Gghgf - November 11, 2020

We Ride at dawn

Diana Johnson - September 23, 2018

Thank you for making my day with these adorable cat and dog memes. So Precious!

Aaliyah Hough - January 19, 2018

So funny and cute??

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