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Funny animal pic of a dog lying on the grass

5 Funny Animal Pic Quotes: Best Captions To Make You Smile

What animal lover doesn’t adore cute and funny animal pictures? They're even cuter and funnier, with some clever quotes and captions thrown in them. Explore this hilarious collection of funny animal pic quotes that will surely make you smile.

Ready To Leave: See The Perfect Alien Parody

Hatchlings follow tortoise with the caption, "Quick, to the mothership!"

This photograph of a big tortoise being followed by its hatchlings has made the round of the internet by sheer comic value. It's also eerily similar to some alien movies in our childhood.

Interestingly enough, while turtles are often thought of as wise, solitary creatures, they've actually been proven to be able to communicate with others. If you're wondering why so many of them are banding together, it's actually a form of survival mechanism to stave off predators. Power in numbers, after all.

Funny Animal Pic Quote Hits Too Close To Home

Cat meme about giving food to people

If you find this meme funny, then you probably relate to the truth in its caption. This adorable cat perfectly encapsulates what us humans feel whenever we get fed.

Incidentally, cats like to stretch their belly out when they're feeling very satisfied. It's one of the many ways they communicate through body language.

Even Birds Want Love, Not War

Meme showing two lovebirds in front of fake candles while they're bundled together

As the saying goes, 'Make love, not war.' This adorable pair of lovebirds is exactly the image that would compel you to smile and wonder about life. After all, who doesn't want to find their best friend for life with whom they can share fake candles with?

Lovebirds mate for life, which lasts approximately fifteen years. Although these creatures can't really feel love the same way us humans do, this image is definitely proof that strong bonds can exist even among animals.

Dog Knows A Thing Or Two About Responsibility

Funny picture of a dog carrying its own collar

Do you think dogs can't stand up for themselves? This funny picture of a dog carrying its own collar has caused plenty of netizens laugh at its absurdity.

While the image is probably just a satire, there is a real threat to having your pets run away while they're leashed, especially if they're untrained. Always make sure you're holding tight onto your pets, people!

This Bunny Photo Will Definitely Make You Smile

Cute bunny fell over its bed

Nothing says humor quite like randomly coming across this shot of a bunny that 'felled' over. Her cute round eyes will melt even the grumpiest of souls.

As it happens, rabbits are actually some of the best pets themselves. Show more of your love to these fur babies by wearing one of our cute bunny shirts!


How do I make some cute animal memes?

There are plenty of free-to-use meme generators online, although finding the template for your meme may be a bit harder. Ensure that you give appropriate credit to the original creator of the meme (if there is one).

Are animal pictures okay to be distributed?

While some animal pictures are free to use by everyone, many of these aren't. Check what license you found on the photo to avoid copyright infringement issues.

Where do I get more funny animal pictures with quotes in them?

There are plenty of amusing cat memes available in Facebook or other social media platforms. 

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