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Feline with mouth open being recorded for a video of talking cats

Video Of Talking Cats: Funny YouTube Compilation Of Cats Talking

A cat’s meow may not be as loud as a dog’s bark, but these funny cats can say plenty when they feel like it. Here is a YouTube video of talking cats, along with a few other funny compilations.

The Two Talking Cats

With over 59 million YouTube views and counting, Stina and Mossy are two kitty friends (both female but not related) who have the sweetest little kitty conversation with each other, not to mention some very affectionate grooming.

Talkative Siamese

Siamese cats are known to be very talkative, and Padme is no exception.

Kitten Chorus

Here’s a litter of rescue kittens who are not shy about letting their human know how hungry they are.

Oh Long Johnson

No talking cat tribute would be complete without the famous Oh Long Johnson cat. This extended clip shows that he’s actually talking to another cat who seems to be freaking him out a little bit.

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Can cats talk?

Cats can't talk the way humans can. However, they do use other modes of communication in order to express themselves. For example, a crouched cat may mean that it is angry or afraid. You should learn about your pet's body language to understand their needs.

Do cats understand videos?

Our felines can watch videos, but that doesn't mean they can understand it the same way we do. While cats are very smart, even being able to mimic our behaviors, they can't quite understand human culture just yet.

Are cat videos bad for cats?

As long as the videos are taken in a respectful way, with the cat being comfortable with the whole affair and all, then there is no reason for a video to be bad for our felines. However, it should be noted that no animal should be treated like circus elephants, and that we should all acknowledge their right to peace and privacy.

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