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Cute dog attending a puppy party

Puppy Parties: Host Birthday Parties With Adorable Dogs

What sounds more entertaining for both dogs and their humans than some puppy parties? Birthday parties and events centered around pups are some of the best ways to make a special day for you and your loved ones. Celebrate in style and hop on board with these fun and playful party ideas!

Gift Your Loved Ones The Option Of Puppy-Filled Fun

This event is made possible by bringing a group of puppies together for both entertainment and socialization purposes. While this may sound harsh at first, all of these adorable fur babies are given the best treatment by their handlers and respective owners.

This is an especially great idea for outdoor parties. After all, who can deny these cute animals? It's a very unique way to celebrate some events, although it could also be done just for the sake of fun.

Some of the activities in these parties include puppy training, photo sessions, and some awesome dog-themed games.

Tips On Hosting Your Own Puppy Parties

Three kids playing with a dog in a puppy party

If you're reading this, then there's a high chance that this is the first time you've heard about this concept. Here’s some practical advice on throwing a successful doggy party of your own, courtesy of the website Dogtime:

  • Give all of your guests a bag of kibble mixed with treats. Have each person interact with all of the dogs, working on basic training commands (sit, stay, etc.) and using the treats as rewards. Make sure each dog has a chance to interact with all of the people.
  • Be sure to invite a variety of human guests so that all the pups will be exposed to strangers they’ve never seen before. Social enrichment is necessary to a developing pup.
  • When it comes to kids, it’s a good idea to start with a smaller number of familiar kids and work your way up to larger numbers of unfamiliar kids, to avoid overstimulating the dogs.
  • Play a variety of games with the dogs. Having some interactive toys on hand is also a good idea Make sure to have plenty of treats on hand to reward the pups for their good behavior!

Offering Businesses (With Certificates)

Planning your own party may be too much too handle. Here are a list of some businesses or organizations offering this service. Be reminded that availability and fee may vary depending on some factors.

Puppy Party NYC

Located in New York, this business strictly adheres to policies by the USDA as well as the Animal Welfare Act. They also offer a cheap in-store party option that's available at their website.

Pups Without Borders

This wholesome animal rescue is composed of volunteers who ensure that the adorable creatures they save are given all their needs. Fortunately, they now allow booking for these precious furry pals.

Parties Fantastic

The location of this business is at Los Angeles, CA. Unlike the previous two however, they also offer some other options such as reptile parties or a bunny zoo for kids.


What's stopping you from planning one? Wear your favorite dog lover shirts with pride and join in on the fun now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are puppy parties a good idea?

Yes! There's no better way to celebrate a special occasion with your pup that to let them experience some of these doggy parties.

What is the cost of a puppy party?

The costs for these events are location-dependent. For best prices, try looking up some local shelters or organizations that provide this kind of business, as they are more likely to be the cheapest options.

Is there an insurance provided for puppy parties?

Businesses like these will most likely have a general liability insurance guaranteed for their customers. However, it is also probable that they will require some additional conditions in their waiver. Policies may vary, so it is better to ask these specific questions to the staff.

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