Puppy Parties: A Fun Way to Socialize Your New Dog


What sounds more entertaining for both dogs and their humans than a puppy party? Puppy parties are increasing in popularity (how could they not be?!), but as cute as it sounds, a puppy party serves a more serious purpose than just fun and games. Puppy parties are a great way for you to socialize your puppy and get her used to being around unfamiliar dogs and people. A well-socialized puppy will turn into a well-adjusted adult dog.


Want to introduce your new dog into the world of puppy parties? Here’s some practical advice on throwing a puppy party, courtesy of the website Dogtime:


Give all of your guests a bag of kibble mixed with treats. Have each person interact with all of the dogs, working on basic training commands (sit, stay, etc.) and using the treats as rewards. Make sure each dog has a chance to interact with all of the people.


Be sure to invite a variety of human guests so that all the pups will be exposed to strangers they’ve never seen before, as well as men (since some dogs are more afraid of men than women), and kids (to get puppies used to interacting with children).


When it comes to kids, it’s a good idea to start with a smaller number of familiar kids and work your way up to larger numbers of unfamiliar kids, to avoid overstimulating the dogs.


Play a variety of games with the dogs that will reinforce the basic commands (like sit, stay, and down) they are learning. Make sure to have plenty of treats on hand to reward the pups for their good behavior!





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