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Cute border collie lying on the grass

Cute Border Collies: The Perfect Animal Best Friend (With Pictures!)

Meet the cute border collies! These alert, energetic working dogs are known for their high energy, which makes them very active at play and other exercises. They're loyal and sociable, making them perfect for those who want to live with a family pet. Learn more about one of the best dog breeds in this article.

The Gorgeous Look of Cute Border Collies

One of the things that sets Border collies apart from all the other dog breeds is their look. Their almond-shaped eyes beaming out of a soft, furry face, combined with their thick fur coats, make for a stunning presence that can melt even the most stoic heart.

This breed is perfect for anyone who wants an energetic pet. They frequently wag their tails and perk their ears to show how eager they are for all things fun. It’s hard not to love this dog when all it wants is to play with you all day!

Border collies aren’t just pure beauty though; they also have brains! Quite a lot of it, actually. They’re very easy to train and receptive to commands, making them the perfect companions for outdoorsy activities like hiking or other adventures.

As long as you can keep up with this fluffy ball of energy, you’ll be rewarded by having a cute and loyal pet who’ll stay with you forever.

The Best Animal Friend

Border collie herding a group of sheep

We’ve already mentioned how border collies are super adorable, but what goes beyond the cuteness of this fluff ball?

First, collies are very intelligent. They actually rank among the top five of the smartest canine breeds. Not only are they good at adapting and figuring stuff out, they’re also beasts when it comes to innate intelligence, working intelligence, and plenty other metrics.

This ability is what makes collies popular as good working dogs. They’ve been used historically to herd livestock, participate in search and rescue missions, and work as service dogs... there are too many to list here.

You can take advantage of this trait by training your collie into a well-behaved and amazing companion. Empirically speaking, they’re probably the best companion dogs out there by pure intellect alone.

However, it is important to note that while this breed is innately intelligent, it is not good enough to depend on this alone. Proper training and socialization is still necessary to turn your puppy into a well-mannered pet. This is especially true if you’re thinking of introducing them to other people, such as a big family.

What You Need To Know When Training

Training any type of dog is challenging in itself, and border collies aren’t really exempt from this generalization. However, the difficulty is balanced by the pleasure you get from playing with this fun dog. Here are some training tips for the beginner dog owners out there:


Anyone who’s ever had to train their dogs to poop understand the importance of consistency. Animals are creatures of habit, and the more you enforce a behavior, the stronger the effect and the faster he learns it.

Begin each learning session with clear expectations from your pet. Don’t assume that they’ll be able to learn a trick in just two or three days.


It is important not to get frustrated when not everything goes to plan. If your dog is not picking up information fast enough to your liking, take a breather and remind yourself that pets need break too. Dogs, just like humans, can be overwhelmed with too much information at once.


Another tried and true method for training dogs, positive reinforcement will not only make your pet happier to learn, it also deepens the bond between the two of you. Verbal praise and treats should go hand in hand when rewarding these cute pups for a job done well.

Keeping Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Cute border collie running at full speed

Border collies are generally healthy dogs, unlike some breed such as golden retriever or terriers which have been associated with higher health risks. However, they aren’t immune from getting sick.

As with all other pets, it is important to take good care of your pup’s health so that they stay cute and happy for a very long time. Here are some tips to achieve this.

Establish a routine

Their intelligence makes border collies keener on being kept busy. Thus, setting an appropriate schedule for this breed is a must.

Some daily activities should include regular socialization and training sessions. Physical exercise must also be enforced to keep your fluffy friend in top shape. Some fun activities for this are games like fetch, tug-of-war, and others.

Keeping a healthy and structured environment for your dog will ensure that they remain calm and content, and thus, easier to get along with.

Feed them right

The importance of a good diet for dogs is a no-brainer. This is especially true for more active breeds like border collies. Give them properly vetted food with the right nutrition for their age and size.

Also keep yourself updated on toxic food for dogs such as chocolate or onions.

Spend time with them

Your pets love, above all else, the attention that you’re willing to give them. Ensure that you set some bonding time between you and your pet. Training and play sessions count for this as well, and might also be more feasible for those with a tight schedule.

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Do border collies ever calm down?

Collies do calm down eventually, although this only starts to happen during the latter parts of their lives, around six to seven years of age.

Why are border collies so affectionate?

Border collies do these to express their emotions. If your border collie loves being affectionate, be proud, because that means he loves you!

Can you cut your border collie's hair?

It is not needed to cut their hair, and it also generally not advised. These dogs shed on their own during spring. Additionally, cutting their hair may cause problems because doing so won't let it grow back the same way as before, which might be harmful for your dog.

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