Video: Sweet Mom Cat Adopts Baby Ducklings


Get ready to say “Awww”… Check out this incredible video that tells the story of one loving Irish farm cat who nurtured a group of newly-hatched ducklings alongside her own kittens. A young couple with a small farm obtained some duck eggs. They noticed a cat in the barn when the eggs hatched and feared the worst. They saw the cat with a duckling in her mouth and panicked.


Turns out the ducklings didn’t become the cat’s lunch, just her newly adopted babies. The amazed couple saw that the cat had just given birth to three kittens, and luckily for the ducks, she came upon them when her mothering instinct was at its strongest. She took the ducklings in and began to care for them just as she would her own kittens.



Things got even more amazing when the couple saw that the ducklings were actually nursing on the cat. Birds don’t nurse their young, and ducks are born with the ability to find food on their own, but apparently the cat was eager to nurse them, and the ducks didn’t mind snuggling up with her and getting some extra nutrition.


The ducklings quickly grew larger than the kittens, but the mom cat still tried to keep them close as they grew bigger and more independent. Weeks later, the ducks are as big as the cat, but they still enjoy following her around the farm.






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