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Apps Like FurAlert To Help Find Lost Pets

Apps Like FurAlert To Help Find Lost Pets

One of the worst experiences you can have as an animal lover is having your pet go missing. It's a scary thing to go through, both for you and your lost pet. This is where pet finder mobile applications come in.

Pet locators are like Amber alerts for animals you can easily access from your phone. We've previously covered the Fur Alert app by Cory Donovan for this topic, but it seems their website can no longer be accessed. Fortunately, there are still so many applications like FurAlert in the market which fur parents can use to locate their missing fur babies!

What Are Pet Tracking Apps And How Do They Work?

We do a lot for our pets and do our best to keep them safe and sound. That said, you can utilize pet tracking applications if you lose sight of your precious cat or dog in an emergency. But what are they, exactly?

In a nutshell, these mobile applications help pet owners locate their animals if they ever wander too far away or get lost. The technology behind them is surprisingly versatile. They may use GPS satellites or the power of community: sharing photos and whereabouts of missing animals in the app's network with other people who have also joined to help locate strays.

Best Features Of Tracking Apps For Ensuring Your Pet's Safety

Black and white cat lying in the street

From GPS tracking to online databases storing lost-and-found pets worldwide, there are plenty of ways to follow your four-legged friend. Here are some of the key features these applications offer:

  • GPS Tracking: By fitting your pet with a GPS collar or chip and connecting it to a mobile application, you can easily keep track of their location in real-time and be notified if they wander off.

  • Lost-and-Found Database: If your pet strays too far away, instead of scouring your neighborhood, you can simply upload information about your missing pet, like a photo and description, into the app's database. With other users from around the world alerted to search for them, it increases the chances of finding them quickly.

  • Social Media Integration: Many of these applications are integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for easy sharing. You can share alerts about lost pets and use crowdsourcing as another way to locate them speedily if needed.

Helpful Apps Besides FurAlert

Locating your lost pet can be a stressful and time-consuming process, so it helps to have some technology on your side. With the right applications, you can track down your furry friend much faster and avoid being a victim of pet-flipping! Let's take a look at some of the best tech for locating lost pets:

Petsi Pet Locator

Petsi is perfect for any dog or cat owner's peace of mind. You can create a free pet profile on their application and generate a QR code you can utilize on your pet's nametag. Petsi also offers facial recognition technology for a faster way to locate your fur baby should it get lost.

PetFinder is another free application you can utilize to locate or adopt a cat or a dog. Their huge community constantly updates the pet ads on the website and has forums you can join in on. 


PawBoost is another trusted pet locator application you can download to find a lost furry friend. They also have a large, dedicated community that has helped reunite over a million pets with their owners. Just report your missing pet on their application or website, and their team of volunteers will help with your search!

Tips To Avoid Your Pet Going Missing

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. It's always much easier to hang on to your pet than locate them should they go missing. Here are some tips to help keep your furry friend by your side:


Dog on a leash running with owner

Keep your dog or cat on a leash if you plan to take them outside with you. This way, you know they won't accidentally run away even in a crowded area. You can also utilize a collar clasp to ensure there won't be any slip-offs when your dog pulls on its leash.

ID Tags

ID tags are the first thing anyone will check if they see a lost cat or dog. Ensure you include your name and contact information to be easily reached if someone sees your fur baby. You also have the option of microchipping your pet for extra security.

Fences & Gates

Fences will help keep your dog or cat on your porch or yard. It establishes a designated play area and ensures your pets won't be lost while still being able to roam outdoors!

Don't Leave Them Alone

If possible, try not to leave your dog alone for extended periods. This could make them feel anxious or depressed and could also lead to bad behavior such as running away.


Are pet-tracking applications safe to download?

Yes! Most pet-tracking applications are designed to be secure and reliable. When you're looking for a pet-tracking app, make sure it's one that's been tried and tested by other animal lovers.

Where can I safely download pet-tracking apps?

Animal tracking apps are usually available through the App Store for iPhones or Google Play Store for Android users, so you'll need to access these on your device to start. Again, be sure to read reviews and research before you download a new app—this way, you know you're downloading something that can be trusted.

Do I need to microchip my dog to use pet-tracking apps?

No, not necessarily. You don't need anything extra from your vet to operate a pet-tracking app. All you need is the app itself and a device with which it can communicate—some tracking apps are even compatible with most Bluetooth trackers on the market right now!

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