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10 Reasons Why We Love Old English Sheepdogs

10 Reasons Why We Love Old English Sheepdogs


The Old English Sheepdog may seem like a big, furry couch potato but this loveable dog was originally bred to be a working dog in rural England. The OES wasn’t a herding type of sheepdog, but rather a kind of sheepdog called a “drover.” Their job was to help farmers drive a herd of sheep (or cattle) from farm to town on market day. Today, the OES is the ideal family pet…loving, sweet, gentle, and great with children. Here’s just a few reasons why we love them!


1. We love their adorable black button noses…


2. And their cute fuzzy butts.


3. We love them when they’re fluffy…


4. And we love them when they’re shaved, too.


5. We love them when they’re playful…


6. And also when they’re a little tired.


7. They’re just as loveable when they could use a bath…


8. As when they’re groomed for the dog show.


9. Did we mention that they’re cute when they’re puppies?


10. We mean, like, really cute when they’re puppies!


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Photos top to bottom:  Family Reunion by David Martyn Hunt; The Wet Nose by Sam-Cat; DSCN0745 by Jena Fuller; 2013 Royal Melbourne Show by Chris Phutully; Mutton Bear by Betsy Weber; Shaggy Dog running by Sheila Sund; So tired by Daisyree Bakker; lady, my beloved dog by sophie; DSCN0744 by Jena Fuller; Good Boy by Norlando Pobre; Old English Sheepdog Puppy by David Martyn Hunt (all Flickr).



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Ane A - April 5, 2018

This is so true! I have a 10 month old Old English Sheepdog who is very playful (and has a very cute nose). She loves running and jumping, so taking pictures of her is a lot of fun. I started a blog where I post fun and cute pictures of her that you can check out if you want even more reasons to love Old English Sheepdogs:

Doug: I do not blog about training my OES, but I found this website quite useful:
It even has a free mini course you can take in how to train your dog.

D.J. - February 10, 2018

Hi, my name is Doug. I’m looking for a blog for Old English Sheepdogs. I see posts here but can’t figure out how to leave a msg. Am I at the correct place? I have a 4 Month Old OES and really need some advice in training him. Since childhood this is my 5th OES. I know a lot about them but having a problems with certain things training him. Would you get back with me?

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