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Bird lover feeding a sea gull with their hands

Gifts for Bird Lovers: 9 Best Bird Gifts For Your Friend

Finding the perfect gifts for bird lovers just got easier with our list of favorite bird gifts. From the best bird feeder to bird-watching field guides and binoculars, you'll be sure to earn the approval of any birder out there, and maybe even their feathered friends too!

1. Cawfee Mug (Haperus Designs)

Do you ever find yourself sipping on your morning coffee, wishing you had a feathered friend to share it with? Well, now you can get the Cawfee Mug!

This cup is not your average boring coffee ceramic. It's adorned with a beautiful crow image, making it the perfect gift for any bird enthusiast. You'll feel like you're sipping coffee with your new feathered friend every morning!

And let's be honest, who doesn't love a good pun? The "cawfee" pun on the mug makes any bird lover chuckle. It's the perfect conversation starter for your bird-loving friends or coworkers.

Plus, the high-quality ceramic material ensures this cup will last for many mornings. So if you're looking for a fun and unique gift for the bird lover, the Cawfee Mug is a no-brainer. Make their morning a little more "cawfee"-filled!

2. Hummingbird Feeder (Peter's Feeders)

Hummingbird feeding off a hanging feeder

Want to turn your backyard into the envy of all the hummingbirds in your neighborhood? Then we’ve just got the thing for you! This hummingbird feeder by Peter is sure to rock their avian senses into amazement.

First of all, this feeder is handmade. Can you even believe it? It also looks classy, and you can see the entire feeding process (beaks, tongues, and all) because it’s glass.

It also has four feeding ports so the lovely hummingbirds don’t have to fight their way into getting fed. It’s built-in ant moat also keeps their food safe from pesky insects.

You don’t have to worry about the bees, either. The tubes are designed to be small so that they won’t be able to crowd around and take over the feeder (which is often a problem with some of these designs).

If you’re wondering about what to feed your birds, then don’t worry because it also comes with instructions for making your own homemade nectar. One more point to this store for its thoughtfulness!

Add some excitement into anyone’s backyard with this easy and practical feeder. Just be prepared for the jealous stares of the other birds in your area!

3. Waterproof Binoculars For Bird Watching (Celestron)

If your friend is an avid avian fan, then there’s no better way to make their day than by giving them one of these powerful lenses. The Nature DX 10x42mm Roof Binoculars by Celestron are designed for beginners and veterans alike.

These binoculars come equipped with a 10x magnification and a 42mm objective lens. We don’t know what that means, but we are sure that you’ll be able to get up close and personal with any feathery friend as they fly by their natural habitat.

These lenses are also very stylish, with a sleek and minimalistic look. You won’t feel embarrassed carrying this around your neck as you trek the local trails.

Let’s not forget the most important feature, though, which is its durability. These are shock resistant, meaning that you can stop worrying about accidentally dropping them out of shock when you see your first California condor. Very specific, but hey, it happens.

Even better is the fact that they’re waterproof. With these in your hands, you won’t have to worry about the occasional pitter-patter while you’re out looking for eagles.

So if you know a bird lover who's serious about their bird-watching game, these binoculars are the perfect gift. Just be prepared for them to spend even more time outside, soaking up the beauty of nature.

4. Wind Chimes (Pagoda)

Well, well, well, what do we have here? A wooden hummingbird wind chime that's perfect for bird lovers! This gift is just the thing for people who want to enjoy the sweet melodies of nature but unfortunately don’t have any real birds nearby.

First, should we talk about how beautiful this wind chime is? The hummingbirds from this one are painstakingly carved and painted by veteran woodworkers from Thailand.

Each pieces are unique to each other, so not a single one of them will look exactly the same. They are all precisely pretty to look at, though!

It’s also very unlike the usual metal chimes you can find in your local department store, the ones that make so much clanking and grating noises even deep in the night. The sound these make is more natural and soothing to the ears, so there are fewer chances to annoy your neighbors, too (especially if you live in a crowded street).

The materials used in these chimes are also ethically-sourced, so you don’t have to experience secondhand guilt as you hang these up on your patio. You can rest assured that no actual hummingbirds have been harmed in making these masterpieces.

If you want something beautiful, unique, and ethical, take the time to look at this perfect hummingbird wind chime. It’s the best way to bring a little bit of nature into your house, even if you're living in the heart of a city.

5. Birdhouses And Nests

Rustic birdhouse hanging on a tree

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and cheap alternative for gifts, look no further than birdhouses. The great thing about these things is that you build them yourself, and it’s even recommended!

At first, you might be enticed by all those decorative birdhouses you see online. Don’t be fooled, however, for different birds have different needs. You must consider what bird you want to attract and choose one accordingly.

Moreover, you have to consider other factors, such as the placement and safety of the area. Inviting some birds to your yard willy-nilly can make these beings vulnerable to natural predators such as feral cats.

If your friend is a bird lover who wants to attract some of these creatures to their yard, then educating them about the do’s and don’t-s of birdhouses is a great gift. You can provide the materials or volunteer to build the thing within their property.

With all the species of birds out there, how can you possibly find what kind of nest to build and what materials you'll need? Thankfully, NestWatch’s site is complete with species-specific nests and structure plans.

If you have any close friends who’s been wanting to attract some feathery friends for a while now, then this is the perfect way to bond with them. Have fun looking over the hatchlings!

6. A Rescue Shirt For The Birder (International Bird Rescue)

Any bird lover would appreciate this fantastic shirt from the International Bird Rescue. Just like the rescue shirts in our collection, these shirts boast not only design and comfort. They’re also made for a great cause!

By purchasing one of these shirts, you're also helping to fund the International Bird Rescue's mission to rehabilitate and release injured and oiled birds back into the wild. Honestly, what’s a better way to spend your money than getting a shirt and saving avians at once?

The shirts also have the added benefit of sporting a minimalistic design, which is always great for conversation starters. Your friend will surely appreciate the gesture of this gift and admire the cute little penguins featured in its print.

Let’s not forget the practical benefits of this shirt, either. It’s made from high-quality materials and pre-shrunk cotton. This means you don’t have to fret about shrinking while doing laundry.

Introduce your friend to the most stylish and ethical way to lounge about in the kitchen while wearing these amazing rescue shirts. You can use it for any outdoorsy adventure too!

7. Perch (Parrotdise Perch)

Parrot grooming himself on a perch

Is your friend a proud parrot parent? If so, then this dragonwood perch from Parrotdise is a good gift for them! Any parrot will quickly come to love this natural and stylish branch no matter where you hang it.

It’s very functional because it gives your little birdie something to stand up on when he feels like it. It’s also great for photo shoots (we all know you can never have enough adorable bird pictures).

The shape and texture of the wood are very natural, so it won’t feel out of place if you put it inside an aviary. Alternatively, you can place it inside your home and give your feathery pal a little taste of the wild.

The dragonwood also has an uneven surface, which is a good way for birds to exercise their feet. It’s also made from natural materials to prevent your bird from ingesting any harmful chemicals in its system.

This perch will not only be popular among our feathered friends, it’s also a good way for you to show off some style and shopping wisdom. Impress some home visitors and fellow bird watchers with this cool bird perch, and enjoy some very grateful parrots in the house!

8. Sibley Field Guide For Birding (Audubon)

Here’s another entry for our bird-loving friends out there! Perfect for beginners who are tired of squinting through their binoculars and guessing what type of bird they’re looking at, the Sibley Field Guides from Audubon are here to save the day!

These guides are the perfect gift for bird lovers who want to take their bird-watching to the next level. With detailed illustrations and information on hundreds of North American bird species, you'll never have to wonder, "what bird is that?" again.

Plus, the Sibley Field Guides are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry on any bird-watching adventure. No more lugging around heavy books about animals or relying on a spotty internet connection for bird identification.

And let's talk about the benefits of your bird-watching skills. The Sibley Field Guides will help you become a better birder by teaching you how to identify birds based on their unique characteristics and behavior.

These guides also make great coffee table books for any bird lover. Impress your guests with your knowledge of all things avian. It even has illustrations for those who are less literary-inclined.

So, if you want to give a practical and educational gift, the Sibley Field Guides from Audubon are the perfect choice for any bird watcher. Get ready to take your bird-watching to new heights!

9. Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder (Birds Choice)

Bird eating off a feeder hanging on a tree

Ah, the age-old battle between bird lovers and squirrels. If you know a bird enthusiast tired of seeing their feathered friends' food stolen by those little critters, then the Nature Products 431 Classic Feeder might just be the perfect gift for them!

This feeder is squirrel-proof, which means no more acrobatic squirrels hanging upside down trying to get to the bird seed. The feeder is pole-mounted, so it's elevated enough that they won't be able to jump up and grab a snack. Plus, it has a large capacity, which means fewer trips to refill it.

Not only will this gift provide hours of entertainment for the bird lover in your life, but it will also give them peace of mind knowing that their feathered friends are getting their fill without interference. And who knows, maybe they'll even start to appreciate the squirrels for the entertainment they provide while trying to outsmart the feeder!

How To Pick The Best Gifts For Bird Lovers

Picking a gift for a bird lover (or anyone actually) will take effort. While our list provides some ideas to help you on that journey, these are just tips, and you should still exercise your judgment.

After all, who knows your friend most than yourself? Furthermore, many of these gifts are specialized. For example, if you want to gift your friend some perches, you'll have to adjust it based on their bird size.

With that being said, don't fret too much. Just the fact that you're looking at this list confirms that you care about your friend, and any reasonable person will surely appreciate the effort!


How should I introduce my friend to bird watching?

You can introduce a friend to this hobby by inviting them to do it with you.

Is it okay to gift these to non-bird lovers?

It's okay to gift it to them, although they probably wouldn't appreciate these.

How do I attract birds to my yard?

You can set up birdhouses or feeders in your yard. If it's large enough, you can even plant some flowers and fruit-bearing trees which might attract them.

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