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Best Rat Cages: Top Picks and Selection Guide

Rat cages are more than just an enclosure for your pet; they are a home where your furry friend will spend most of its time. A well-chosen cage should be a haven that allows for comfort, play, and growth.

Rat enthusiasts understand the importance of selecting a cage that not only keeps their pets secure but also enriches their lives through ample space and engaging features like tubes and tunnels to play in.

Material durability is another significant aspect, as rats are known to chew and need a habitat that can withstand their gnawing habits while being easy to clean. Additionally, the cage should have secure latches to prevent escapes and include adjustable shelves and ramps to create an enriching environment.

In our commitment to pet health and happiness, we thoroughly evaluated a variety of cages to find the options that cater to these needs. Through thorough analysis and considering user feedback, we aimed to discover the rat cages that stand out in terms of quality, design, and functionality.

Our focus extended beyond the basics to include cages that offer ease of cleaning and maintenance for the owner's convenience too. This has paved the way for us to guide you through some of the top choices that will make your rat's habitat a true comfort zone.

Top Rat Cages For Your Furry Friend

We understand the importance of finding the right home for your little companions. Our list is curated to showcase the best rat cages that combine comfort, space, and utility. Let's find the perfect haven for your pet rats that suits their needs and your aesthetics.

Yaheetech 69-Inch Animal Cage

Yaheetech Extra Large Cage


We believe the Yaheetech 69-Inch Animal Cage would be a stellar choice for your furry friends, offering ample space with a smart and sturdy design.


  • Spacious vertical design ideal for climbing
  • Secure with lockable doors to prevent escapes
  • Comes with accessories, further enhancing its value


  • Requires a bit of space due to its size
  • Assembly might take some time
  • Might be a tight fit for larger species

After setting up the Yaheetech cage, we noticed right away the roominess of this habitat. The vertical structure allowed our little climbers to truly indulge in their natural climbing instincts. With multiple levels and ladders, there was no doubt they were getting the exercise they needed.

The security features of this cage gave us peace of mind. Every door has a lock mechanism, which meant no more clever escapes—something we've experienced with other cages. The fine bar spacing also ensured that even the littlest pets stayed where they should.

What really struck us was the value this cage offered. Out of the box came wooden perches and feeding cups, which saved us from making extra purchases.

However, due to its larger size, it occupied more space in our home, and setting it up was a bit of a project. We also had to consider that really large pets might not have as much room as smaller ones in this enclosure.

KINGBO Pet Hutch

KINGBO Pet Hutch


We think this modular pet hutch offers great customization for your small pet's home, despite some minor quality concerns.


  • Customizable size due to expandable design
  • Features multiple levels and platforms for increased activity
  • Comes with a soft cushion covering to protect pet's feet


  • Assembly can be challenging and time-consuming
  • Padded mats may wear out quickly with regular use
  • Smaller than expected; not suitable as the sole habitat for larger pets

We recently tried out the KINGBO pet hutch for our small furry friends and were impressed by its stackable feature. It's quite handy to adjust the size as needed.

The cleaning process was a breeze thanks to the removable plastic tray. It saved us from the hassle of dealing with messes inside the cage.

However, a heads up to future buyers, the cozy plush mats given with the cage started to show wear after a couple of months. Our critters seem to love their new config, but if durability is a concern for you, keep this in mind.

Mcage Mansion

Mcage Mansion


We think this Mcage Mansion is a real treat for small critters, offering plenty of space and fun, albeit with some minor hiccups in setup and construction.


  • Spacious multi-level design encourages exploration and exercise
  • Includes a variety of accessories to enrich your pet's habitat
  • Compatible with other Mcage accessories for customizable expansion


  • Assembly can be challenging with some reports of vague instructions
  • Bar spacing may not suit very small critters who could attempt to squeeze through
  • Cleaning can be cumbersome due to structure and fixed accessories

Our little furry friends need ample room to roam, play, and rest, and the Mcage Mansion, with its five levels, delivers just that. The addition of ladders, platforms, and a wheel ensures their environment is stimulating. The large front doors make interaction and daily checks a breeze.

Yet, one cannot overlook some challenges. Assembling this tall structure felt a bit like piecing together a puzzle without a clear picture. The instructions could have been more intuitive, which would have sped up the setup process and reduced the frustration.

The 5-inch deep base is beneficial for containing bedding and offering additional play area, but if you're housing nimble escape artists or particularly tiny guests, you might need to keep a close watch. The bar spacing is designed with Syrian hamsters in mind but may not be ideal for smaller critters.

Mcage XL 5-Levels Comfort Home

Mcage Deluxe Mansion


In our experience, this cage offers ample space and versatility for a variety of small animals, ideal for those looking for room to grow.


  • Multi-level design allows pets to explore and exercise
  • The narrow bar spacing prevents small pets from slipping out
  • Features a slide-out tray for easier cleaning


  • Structure may need reinforcement for added stability
  • Assembly can be challenging and time-consuming
  • The metal bars may be prone to bending, requiring careful handling

Upon first using the Mcage XL 5-Levels Comfort Home, we were struck by its towering stature and impressive versatility. The multiple levels are fantastic, offering energetic little critters like ours ample space to climb and play, mimicking their natural environment.

The ramps and platforms included with the cage are a hit—our pets took to them immediately, their curiosity piqued by the new adventure playground.

The narrow bar spacing was a major plus; it kept our tiny companions safe and secure within their habitat. It's also been immensely convenient having large doors for access; feeding and interacting with our pets is that much easier.

However, it's not without its drawbacks. The first time we set up the cage, it felt a bit wobbly, and we did end up reinforcing some parts to ensure it was sturdy enough for our active critters. It's a good thing we're handy with tools!

Despite these challenges, the Mcage XL 5-Levels Comfort Home has proven to be a solid choice for our small animals, providing them a spacious and engaging environment.

Mcage 3-Level Small Animal Habitat

Mcage Small Animal Cage


We think this cage is a stellar choice if you're after durability and security for your small pets.


  • Solid build prevents chewing escapes
  • Spacious multi-level design for exercise
  • Simple to clean with a slide-out tray


  • Bar spacing may be too narrow for bedding
  • Requires additional liners for paw safety
  • Setup instructions could be clearer

After assembling the Mcage habitat and introducing our little critters, we were impressed by its robustness. The all-metal design means no gnawing their way out. Considering the spaciousness, our rats had a blast exploring the multiple levels and ramps; it seemed like their own little adventure park.

Cleaning is often a chore with pet cages, but here, it’s a breeze. The pull-out tray at the bottom slid right out, letting us quickly dispose of the debris. Trust us, anything that makes upkeep this easy is a win in our books.

Although it’s generally an excellent habitat, we did have to get creative with the floor. Laying down some fleece ensured our rats' tiny paws didn’t get sore. And while assembling the cage, we found the instructions a bit sparse, but a little patience goes a long way. Overall, the Mcage habitat kept our furry friends safe, entertained, and comfy.

Yaheetech 52" Metal Rat Cage

Yaheetech 52-inch Ferret Cage


We found this cage to be a spacious and secure haven for our small pets, with features that make everyday maintenance a breeze.


  • Ample room for pets to explore and play
  • Sturdy construction with secure door latches
  • Convenient clean-up with removable tray


  • Assembly can be challenging
  • Bar spacing might be too wide for smaller pets
  • Some parts may arrive bent, complicating setup

Our experience with the Yaheetech cage has been largely positive. It's strong and doesn't wobble, giving our furry friends a reliable place to call home.

The multiple levels inside are fantastic, providing lots of space for climbing and playing, which is so important for the well-being of small pets. And when it's cleanup time, the pull-out tray is a real time-saver.

Moving it around has been a breeze, thanks to the smooth-rolling casters. Whether rearranging the room or just finding the perfect spot, doing so was effortless. The water bottle and the pet bowl that came with it were nice touches that showed us this brand understands pet owners' needs.

While the spaciousness is a plus, we did take extra measures to ensure the bar spacing was safe for our tinier critters. For those of us with nimbler pets, a bit of added security was necessary to prevent escape artists from taking an unsupervised tour of the house!

Kaytee Rat Home

Kaytee My First Home Habitat


We found the Kaytee Habitat an ideal temporary home for rats, offering secure locks and a comfortable interior.


  • Chew-proof wire and secure locks keep pets safe
  • Deep base design prevents litter spills
  • Comfortable and easy to clean plastic shelves


  • May be too small for permanent housing of rats
  • The narrow design limits the space for accessories
  • Ramp design may not always stay in position

When we set up the Kaytee Habitat for our pet rats, the first thing we noticed was its sturdy construction. It's definitely secure, thanks to the chew-proof locks and wires. The deep base is a godsend — it captures all the litter that our curious critters kick up, keeping the area around the cage neat and tidy.

The plastic shelves and ramps felt safe under our rats' little feet and were a breeze to wipe down during cleanups. We appreciated the design of the multilevel layout, which encourages our pets to explore and exercise, although the space felt a bit limited for permanent residency for a pair of active rats.

Considering the tight half-inch wire spacing, this cage is great for ensuring that our furry friends can't make an impromptu escape. We especially warmed to this feature because it gave us peace of mind that our pets were safe when we weren't around. However, we've had to keep an eye on the ramp inside — occasionally it doesn’t stay put as our rats scurry about.

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Buying Guide

Size & Space

We should start by assessing the cage size. Rats need plenty of room to explore, climb, and play, so a large cage is essential. Look for a cage that is at least 24 inches tall, as rats enjoy vertical space to climb.

Bar Spacing and Security

The spacing between bars is another crucial consideration:

Ideal Bar Spacing Age Range
1/2 inch Young rats
1/2 - 3/4 inch Adult rats

Make sure the cage has secure latches, as rats are intelligent escape artists.

Ease of Cleaning

Opt for cages with removable trays and multiple access points, making cleaning less of a chore. Cages with wider doors allow more comfortable access for us and less stress for our rats.

Material & Durability

We should choose cages made of sturdy materials, like chew-proof coated metal. Plastic bases are fine, but any plastic components inside the cage need to be durable to withstand chewing.

Comfort & Accessibility

Include platforms and ramps to create a multi-level environment. Check that ramps are rat-friendly; they should be solid or closely spaced to prevent feet from getting caught.

By considering size, security, cleanliness, durability, and comfort, we can ensure a happy and healthy environment for our rat companions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we'll help you understand some essential facets of rat cages, such as ideal features and setup, to ensure you provide the best home for your pet rats.

What features should I look for in a top-quality rat cage?

We look for cages crafted with durable materials that also provide ample ventilation. The design should include easy access for cleaning and secure latches to keep our rat friends safe.

How can I create a comfortable and spacious DIY rat cage?

For a DIY rat cage, we ensure it's spacious, has multiple levels, and includes safe materials. Providing hiding spots and chewable toys can make the habitat enriching for our rats.

What is the ideal setup for a rat cage to ensure a healthy environment?

Rat cage requirements include plenty of space to climb and explore. Bedding should be absorbent and non-toxic, and the cage must be equipped with water bottles, food dishes, and nesting areas.

What is the minimum recommended size for a cage housing two rats?

Our standard is a minimum of 2 cubic feet per rat, so for two rats, we require a cage that is at least 4 cubic feet. This space allows enough room for them to live comfortably and engage in natural behaviors.

Can you recommend any large cages that are suitable for rats?

We recommend large cages with solid flooring, like the Critter Nation Double Unit, which provides an expansive living area and is designed to promote the well-being of our rats.

How do I determine the appropriate cage size based on the number of rats I own?

We calculate roughly 2 cubic feet for each rat as a starting point. Then we add more space for additional enrichment items and ensure that the cage allows for proper social interaction between all our rats.

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