Why You Should Adopt a Ruby-Eyed Rabbit


Seems hard to believe since all bunnies are absolutely irresistible, but animal welfare experts report that “ruby-eyed” rabbits often get passed over at animal shelters and rabbit rescue organizations because of their red-toned eyes.  Like dogs and cats with black fur, the superficial physical appearance of these beautiful animals sometimes makes them harder to adopt.



Ruby-eyed rabbits are quite common.  They generally have pure white fur and their eye color can vary from ruby to rose, and even can be shades of lavender and pink.  According to the rabbit rescue organization Sweetpea Foundation, in addition to their lovely eye color, the ruby-eyed bunnies also tend to be among the sweetest and most gentle type of rabbit.  It’s a sad fact that white rabbits with red eyes get euthanized at shelters at a higher rate than rabbits with more “normal” eye colors.



Are you thinking about adopting a house rabbit of your very own?  Please visit with an adoptable ruby-eyed bunny at your local shelter and consider giving him or her a new forever home.  Need more convincing?  Check out this cute video from the House Rabbit Society rescue organization!




Animal Hearted shop for rabbit lovers - 25% of proceeds go to animal rescues and sanctuaries!


Bottom image:  pdpics.com.



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