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stacked rabbit hutches

Best Stackable Rabbit Cages: Space-Saving Solutions for Bunny Owners

Rabbit enthusiasts know that a good rabbit hutch is essential for the wellbeing of their furry friends. Stackable rabbit cages offer a unique solution that maximizes space while providing a safe and comfortable environment. Constructed in vertical tiers, these cages allow for rabbits to live in separate areas, which is especially useful for breeders, those with limited space, or multiple rabbit owners.

When choosing the best stackable rabbit cages, it's crucial to consider durability, ease of cleaning, and comfort for the rabbits. The cages should be made from sturdy materials and must have enough room for the rabbits to move around.

To determine the best stackable rabbit cages, we must also examine the security of the locking mechanisms to prevent escapes and the overall design for adequate ventilation. It's important that each rabbit has access to fresh air and is not exposed to the accumulation of ammonia from urine, which can be harmful to their respiratory health.

Taking the time to evaluate these aspects ensures that we select a stackable cage system that provides a happy and healthy living space for rabbits. We invested our efforts into examining various models to find the options that cater to these priorities. Now, let’s hop into our findings.

Top Stackable Rabbit Cages

Taking the leap into optimizing your pet rabbit's living space with stackable rabbit cages can be a huge space-saver. We've searched high and low for options that offer the comfort and convenience your furry friends deserve without compromising on quality or ease of access.

These cages allow for a modular approach to housing and can grow with your rabbit family. Here are our top picks to help you create a snug and secure vertical habitat for your rabbits.

Seny Stackable Cage

Seny Stackable Cage


We think this stackable option is ideal for pet owners looking to maximize space without compromising their small pets' comfort.


  • Easy stacking and assembly
  • Includes essential accessories like feeder and water bottle
  • The design features a deep, slide-out dropping tray


  • Some customization like wire cutting needed for feeder installation
  • Instructions may be unclear or lacking detail
  • The inward-opening door might be less convenient for some users

Once we got the Seny Stackable Cage out of the box, we noticed it's a real space-saver. Its ability to stack multiple units is a game-changer for those with limited room. The assembly was relatively hassle-free, which was a breath of fresh air compared to other cages we've wrestled with.

The galvanized finish on the heavy gauge steel seemed robust. We also appreciated the inclusion of a feeder and water bottle, which meant not having to purchase these separately. That said, we did have to snip a few wires to fit the feeder, so keep your wire cutters handy.

It was great seeing how the deep dropping tray slid out effortlessly for cleaning. However, the door's design which opens inwards took a bit of getting used to. Initially, it felt counterintuitive, especially if you're accustomed to doors that swing outwards.

Regardless of these minor quirks, the Seny Stackable Cage could be a solid pick, especially if you're organizing a multi-pet household. After a bit of tweaking with the setup, your furry friends will be all set for a comfortable and neat living space.

PawHut Stackable Hutch

Pawhut Rabbit Hutch


We think this stackable hutch is a smart pick for small pet owners who need to optimize space without compromising on their pets' comfort.


  • Space-saving design suitable for smaller areas
  • Divided areas for privacy and play, catering to different behaviors
  • Convenient access for maintenance and interaction


  • Wood quality may not endure harsh weather conditions
  • The size may only suit smaller breeds or young animals
  • Some assembly required, possibly with additional hardware for security

Our firsthand experience with the PawHut Stackable Hutch left us quite impressed—its compact nature is a real space saver without seeming too cramped. We were able to house our rabbits comfortably, with the separate areas giving them both a cozy retreat for sleeping and a playful space for their daily antics.

The multiple doors and pull-out trays were a boon. It was so much easier to reach in for cleaning and feeding. There were less mess and far less hassle than what we've dealt with in past hutches.

However, if continuous exposure to elements is a concern, we'd advise taking some precautions. The wood, while decent, might not endure heavy rain or intense sun over time, and adding a protective coat or placing the hutch under cover would be wise.

Based on our hands-on time with the product, we found it quite suitable for the furry members of our family. With a little extra care for durability, the PawHut Stackable Hutch could be a fantastic living space for your small pets.

Aivituvin Upgrade Rabbit Hutch

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch


We find this hutch ideal for space and comfort, offering your bunny a cozy and secure home.


  • Deeper trays help maintain cleanliness
  • Wheels offer mobility and convenience
  • Spacious design provides ample room for bunnies


  • Initial odor upon unpacking may be strong
  • Wood material may entice bunnies to chew
  • Urine might seep into wood if not contained to tray

We had the pleasure of trying the Aivituvin Upgrade Hutch and it's been a real game-changer for our rabbits' living space. The deeper pull-out trays are a standout feature, drastically easing the cleaning process – a quick slide-out, rinse, and replacement, and the hutch is as good as new. Plus, the sturdy plastic doesn't leak, which means no mess on the floor.

Another highlight is the wheel system; with four smoothly-gliding wheels, repositioning the hutch is effortless. The two locking wheels keep everything safely in place when you find the perfect spot. Whether inside or outside, this mobility is a huge advantage.

The hutch's spacious design deserves praise. It splits into two floors, connected by ramps, so our bunnies have room to play. The natural Fir wood construction gives it a pleasant, rustic look in our garden while being completely safe for our furry friends.

On the flip side, when we first opened the hutch, we noticed a poignant smell, though it dissipated after a few days in a well-ventilated area. However, attention to the corners is needed; without careful placement of the litter, accidents could seep past the tray and onto the wood.

To sum it up, if you're seeking a stackable hutch that provides convenience, space, and ease of cleaning, the Aivituvin Upgrade Hutch is a great pick.

PawHut Stackable Rabbit Hutch

PawHut Stackable Rabbit Hutch


We think this hutch is a solid pick for your furry friends, offering comfort and ease of use for both of you.


  • Space-saving design that fits well in limited spaces
  • Separate areas for rest and play cater to rabbit needs
  • Easy to maintain with accessible trays and doors


  • Some parts may feel less durable
  • Modification could be needed for optimum functionality
  • Wood chewing by pets is a potential issue

Having spent some time with the PawHut Stackable Rabbit Hutch, we’ve noted its design makes the most of your available space. It's invaluable having two distinct living quarters stacked together, ensuring our bunnies get their private and play areas without taking up the entire patio.

Cleaning out cages is often a messy task, but the pull-out trays here are a game-changer. We've found that routine tasks like feeding and cleaning get a whole lot easier, thanks to the multiple accessible doors.

Weather is always a concern with outdoor hutches, and the fir wood combined with the asphalt roof gives us peace of mind. Though, we've noted that it's not the sturdiest build out there. We've had to do some spot reinforcement to ensure longevity.

Despite the ease of assembly, we've had to get creative. A bit of handiwork has helped us customize the space, addressing some of the concerns over its durability. Also, keep an eye out for gnawing bunnies – the wood may not withstand persistent chewers.

Overall, for those with a tight space but big love for their pets, we feel the PawHut Hutch doesn't disappoint. It's got its flaws, but with a bit of TLC, it makes for a cozy, practical home for the rabbits.

Aivituvin Double Hutch

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch


Our pets really enjoyed the spaciousness of this Aivituvin rabbit hutch, which allows for plenty of hopping and resting areas.


  • Ample space with designated rest areas
  • Easy cleaning with removable trays and wire floors
  • Convenient to move with built-in wheels


  • Assembly can be time-consuming
  • May not be large enough for larger rabbit breeds
  • The wood might be prone to chewing

We’re quite pleased with the Aivituvin Double Hutch's roomy design. Housing our furry friends comfortably, the two sleeping houses gave them secluded spots to relax while the lengthy running area provided ample space for exercise.

The bottom drawers were a lifesaver when it came to keeping the area clean, as we easily slid them out to dispose of waste without any mess. And the wire over the trays kept our pets from being in contact with their droppings, ensuring their hygiene and comfort.

Having this hutch on wheels has made our lives a lot easier. Whether we felt like bringing our rabbits indoors on a chilly night or wheeling them out to bask in the morning sun, the maneuverability was fantastic. The brakes on the wheels also gave us peace of mind, knowing the hutch wouldn’t roll away.

What did give us some trouble was the assembly. Not having an extra pair of hands, setting it up took longer than we anticipated. Also, if you have larger rabbits, you'll want to pay attention to the size, as the hutch might feel snug for them. And while the wood adds a nice, natural look to the hutch, it also seems to invite nibbling, so some reinforcement might be necessary to prevent damage.

In summary, the Aivituvin Double Hutch is a solid choice for rabbit owners looking for a balance of comfort and practicality, with the bonus of easy mobility.

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Buying Guide

Essential Features to Consider

Size & Modularity: We recommend choosing cages that provide ample room for each rabbit, considering their potential growth. Modularity is key for stackability, allowing for vertical expansion while conserving space.

Materials: Durability is important. Look for sturdy, chew-resistant materials, such as metal or hard plastic. The cages should have proper coatings to prevent rust and ensure longevity.

Ease of Cleaning: Trays that slide out and cages with wide doors make cleaning more manageable. Non-stick surfaces and materials that don’t absorb odors are preferable.

Ventilation: Good airflow is critical for a rabbit's health. Make sure each cage unit has enough ventilation to provide fresh air.

Feeding & Watering Systems: Built-in feeding stations and water bottle holders add convenience. It's beneficial if these are easily accessible from the outside for quick refills.

Safety & Comfort: Smooth edges and secure latching mechanisms protect rabbits from harm. The design should include comfortable flooring, like solid surfaces with bedding or appropriate mesh.

Understanding Your Rabbits' Needs

Before purchasing, consider the breed and number of rabbits to determine the size and number of units needed. Our space should accommodate their habits, such as separate areas for sleeping, eating, and litter.

Regulations and Standards

Ensure that the cage meets the recommended standards for rabbit care. Compliance with animal welfare regulations is a must to keep our rabbits healthy and happy.

By focusing on these features, we equip ourselves with the right knowledge to choose suitable stackable rabbit cages that contribute to the well-being of our furry friends while providing convenience to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right stackable rabbit cage is crucial for your pet's comfort and safety. We've compiled some common questions to help you make an informed decision.

What are the important features to look for in a stackable rabbit cage?

When shopping for a stackable rabbit cage, we suggest looking for sturdy construction, adequate ventilation, weather-proofing, easy-to-clean surfaces, and secure latches. Ensuring each level is spacious enough for rabbits to move around comfortably is vital.

How many levels are recommended for a stackable rabbit hutch?

The ideal number of levels for a stackable rabbit hutch often ranges from two to four, depending on the rabbits' size and how much space you have. It's important to provide enough room for your pets to exercise and rest.

Where can I find high-quality commercial rabbit cages for sale?

We recommend checking specialty pet stores, agricultural supply shops, and reputable online retailers for high-quality commercial rabbit cages. Always read reviews and compare features to find the best option.

What are the benefits of multi-level rabbit cages for my pets' wellbeing?

Multi-level rabbit cages provide opportunities for physical activity crucial for your rabbits' health. They allow rabbits to jump, climb, and explore different areas, which is good for their mental stimulation and muscle development.

Can rabbits be comfortably housed in vertical cages?

Yes, rabbits can be comfortably housed in vertical cages if each level is designed appropriately with rest areas and if they have access to a flat exercise space regularly.

How do I safely secure stacked rabbit cages?

Secure stacked rabbit cages by using sturdy fasteners and supports that prevent the cages from toppling. Regularly check that the structure is stable and that all connections remain tight to ensure your rabbits' safety.

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