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Best Gerbil Cages: Top Picks for Your Furry Friend

Best Gerbil Cages: Top Picks for Your Furry Friend

Geriatric creatures are unique pets, requiring specialized habitats that cater to their instinctual behaviors and needs. A gerbil cage is not just a container; it's a thriving environment that becomes their home, offering space to burrow, play, and explore.

Quality of life for these little rodents hinges on the suitability of their living quarters, which makes choosing the right cage an essential task for any gerbil owner. The critical factors when selecting a gerbil cage include size, material, and design.

Gerbils are active and social animals, so a spacious cage that allows for plenty of movement is crucial. The material needs to be sturdy and chew-resistant to keep them safe and secure.

A good gerbil cage should have a deep base to hold bedding for burrowing, just like the ones listed in our best hamster cages. It should include accessories that appeal to their natural behaviors, like tunnels and platforms.

We’ve sifted through an array of options to assess which gerbil cages offer the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and stimulation for these energetic pets. After extensive research, we’re ready to introduce the top picks that ensure a happy and healthy home for gerbils.

Top Gerbil Cages to Consider

We've tested and scoured reviews to bring you our top picks for gerbil habitats. These cages offer the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and fun for your furry little friends. Check out our favorites to give your gerbil a happy and healthy home.

GDLF Chic Hamster Home

GDLF Hamster Cage


We think the GDLF Chic Hamster Home is a must-have for style-conscious pet owners who crave both aesthetics and function.


  • Offers a spacious, safe, and comfortable area for pets
  • Blends seamlessly with household furniture, thanks to its stylish design
  • Features transparent panels for clear visibility and easy cleaning


  • Assembly may be challenging and time-consuming
  • Higher price point due to premium features
  • Hassle in handling heavy pieces during setup due to its solid construction

Get your hands on this GDLF Chic Hamster Home, and was as your little buddy get crazy over it. The cage's sleek white design adds a touch of elegance to your living room while serving as a cozy habitat.

Watching your pet explore its new spacious home through the clear acrylic sides is a pure delight, immersing you in their tiny world. The handy storage space below has been a game changer as well, putting an end to our clutter woes.

Everything your gerbil needs is now organized and easily accessible. It can't be stressed enough how this can simplified your pet care routine.

Admittedly, assembling this beautiful piece of pet furniture can test your patience a bit. It's a hefty unit, so get ready for a bit of a workout putting it all together.

Once it's up thought, the solid wood and iron craftsmanship ensure it stays put, even with your agile pet scurrying about.

Plus, knowing your furry friend is in a well-ventilated, odor-less, and stylish haven makes every minute of assembly worth it.

BUCATSTATE Gerbil Palace


We found this spacious habitat suitable for our little critter friends, given its ample room and multi-level design.


  • Spacious living area promotes active lifestyle
  • Includes a multitude of accessories for enrichment
  • Dual large doors for easy access and interaction


  • The soft material of platforms may be less durable
  • Some assembly required, which can be intricate
  • Potential for bedding spillage due to front door design

Living with gerbils, you'll discover that they cherish room to burrow and explore, and this cage's generous space meets those needs. The heap of accessories from wheels to hideouts can keep them entertained for hours.

The transparent base also lets you enjoy watching their antics and daily burrowing behavior, which is a delightful bonus.

Maintaining their habitat is also breeze with the dual doors, as they enable us to reach in comfortably during cleanup time or when we’re replenishing food and water. It's sweet to have these convenient access points for bonding with our small companions.

You will notice the platforms' material seems a tad soft; our nibbling friends might take that as an invitation to chew, potentially compromising the longevity of these parts. And while putting the cage together, you'll need a bit of patience matching up all the bits and pieces.

Moreover, be mindful when opening the front door since it's at the same level as the bedding, which could lead to some messy overflows if you're not careful.

Oiibo Gerbil Palace

Oiibo 3 Tier Gerbil Cage


If you're on the hunt for a gerbil habitat that marries style with functionality, the Oiibo Gerbil Palace is your match.


  • Spacious vertical design offers plenty of room for activities
  • Sturdy glass construction resists chewing and is easy to clean
  • Clear walls allow for unrestricted viewing of your pet’s antics


  • Might be a tad fragile, requiring careful handling
  • Assembly instructions could be clearer for some
  • Metal wire ramps may need extra securing to ensure they are level

We recently got the chance to see the Oiibo Gerbil Palace. The aesthetic appeal is undeniable as it fits well into any room without looking like a typical cage.

We found the three tiers particularly useful, giving your little guys ample space to climb and explore. You might even be able to add some of these best hamster tubes for additional fun, although it is only optional.

The deep glass base is a game-changer, allowing owners to fill it with bedding so the gerbils can burrow to their heart's content. Cleaning this habitat is a breeze, too, with the pull-out PVC tray. Say goodbye to hours spent scrubbing; a few wipes and it's back to perfect.

The experience with the wire topper was mostly positive, as it provided great ventilation. However, you'll have to take a few extra minutes to make sure the ramps are securely attached and stable. It’s a small price to pay for a home your gerbils love digging around in.

PawHut 5-Tier Gerbil Haven

PawHut 5-Tier Gerbil Haven


We think this PawHut cage is a solid choice for those with petite gerbils, offering a playground paradise that’s light and overflowing with activities.


  • Multilevel habitat stimulates activity
  • Lightweight design for easy relocation
  • Built-in accessories, requires minimal additional purchases


  • Not suitable for larger Syrian hamsters
  • Some stages may require additional securing
  • Assembly can be a bit intricate

Let's chat about the habitat our little critter friends have been scampering about in lately. The PawHut 5-Tier Gerbil Haven feels like a theme park with its tunnels, wheel, and ramps. It's as if we've treated them to their own personal wonderland, watching them navigate through the mazes with glee.

What your pets will appreciate is the ease of moving the cage around. It's lightweight enough that changing its location is never a chore.

And you can't overlook the airflow; it's superior to that snug, stuffy feel some wooden habitats provide. Seems like fresh air is never in short supply for our gerbil buddies there.

However, you might notice that when it comes to staying put, some parts like to go rogue. You might need to get creative to ensure the platforms remain at their post, but it's nothing that a few cable ties couldn't fix.

As for putting it together, patience is key — a bit more complex than expected, yet entirely doable. All in all, for our tiny gerbil friends, it’s been quite the hit.

Mcage Large Gerbil Hotel

Mcage Large Gerbil Hotel


After setting up our gerbil's new home, we found the Mcage Large Gerbil Hotel to be incredibly spacious, which our little friend seemed to love.


  • Multiple levels and accessories provide excellent play space.
  • Deep tray ideal for burrowing and prevents messes outside the cage.
  • Simple to detach and clean.


  • Assembly can be tricky with some challenging tubing.
  • May not meet the size requirements for certain larger hamster breeds.
  • The default wheel size might not suit all gerbil sizes.

Your gerbils will take to their new Mcage habitat like fish to water. The robust exercise wheel kept them occupied for hours, simulating a natural environment that gerbils crave. The multi-tiered setup, complete with a ladder and a bridge, offers them an appropriate challenge and variety that kept their curious minds engaged.

The deep base tray is a godsend; it keeps their bedding localized while providing a generous digging area. Plus, the vertical and horizontal bars are perfect for the gerbils' acrobatic tendencies and climbing fun.

However, patience is key during the setup. Connecting the tubes might feel like solving a puzzle, and aligning the wires correctly will require some fiddling.

Moreover, owners of larger breeds might need to research more to ensure an adequate living space – size matters for their happiness and health. And, if there's anything to add, it would be to include a larger exercise wheel to cater to all resident rodents' needs.

Prevue Deluxe Cage

Prevue Hendryx CageSHOP ON AMAZON

We found this gem perfect for keeping our little friends active and content in their habitat.


  • Generous space for them to scurry and play
  • Accessories provided increase enrichment
  • Easy to clean design saves time


  • The wheel might not be the best quality
  • Bar spacing may pose a risk for smaller pets
  • Assembly can be tricky with some parts

Having recently seen the Prevue Hendryx Deluxe Hamster and Gerbil Cage, we're impressed by its roomy interior that allows plenty of frolicking space. The vibrant Bordeaux red color makes it quite the eye-catcher in any living space.

Setting it up takes quite a bit of effort, but your gerbils will immediately take to its  ladders and platforms. These features seem to satisfy their urge to climb and explore, keeping them entertained for hours.

Cleaning is usually a chore, but the snap-off basemakes it easier. A quick wipe and it's good as new.

However, you might have to replace the included wheel with a sturdier one. The original wheel just didn't seem to hold up to some nightly runs.

PawHut Large Hamster Cage

PawHut 31" Extra Large Hamster CageSHOP ON AMAZON

We found that this PawHut cage is a spacious playground any small pet would love, thanks to its multitude of accessories and generous design.


  • Ample space and engaging design keep pets active
  • Convenient carrying handles make relocation simple
  • The deep base and safe wiring offer comfort and ease of cleaning


  • Tubes may be small for some pets and have flimsy connections
  • The top of the cage isn't very secure; additional fastening may be necessary
  • Assembly directions could be clearer, and some tubes might arrive damaged

Many gerbils have been loving this new PawHut cage. With so many levels and tubes to explore, they seem endlessly entertained.

The wheel and ramps give them plenty of exercise, and when you want to enjoy watching them play, those handles on top lets you easily bring the cage closer.

Cleaning and proper gerbil care has been a breeze with the removable plastic bottom. Just detach it, give it a quick cleanse, and it’s as good as new. The airflow is brilliant, which means our little friends are always fresh and happy in their well-ventilated space.

One thing to note is that the instructions are not the most helpful, so you might have to get more creative. You can also add some cable ties for extra security at the top to ensure no adventurous escapes! Despite minor issues, you'll be thrilled with the comfort and fun this cage offers.

Mcage Twin Tower Gerbil Habitat

Mcage Gerbil CageSHOP ON AMAZON

If you're in search of a gerbil palace with multiple levels and accessories, this Twin Tower from Mcage is worth a look.


  • Spacious with multi-levels for exploration
  • Includes a variety of accessories for gerbil entertainment
  • Features tight bar spacing for added safety


  • Some structural reinforcement may be required
  • Assembly instructions might be challenging for some
  • Plastic base could be prone to gnawing by persistent gerbils

Having recently seen the Mcage Twin Tower, you'll be quite taken by the ample space it provides. It's a sprawling estate with levels and tunnels that invite furry friends to climb and play to their little hearts' content. Your gerbils will relish zipping through the colorful tubes and spinning the wheel.

However, some DIY spirit could be necessary to ensure everything fits snugly together. A couple of zip ties go a long way to making the habitat more secure.

The plastic base might also not withstand the nibbles of a determined gerbil. Consider supplementing the base with additional chew toys to keep those busy teeth occupied.

Despite these minor quibbles, your gerbils will certainly have a blast, and the safety of the tight bar spacing gives you peace of mind, preventing any Houdini-like escapes.

Buying Guide

When we're on the hunt for the best gerbil cage, we want to keep our furry friends happy, healthy, and active. Here's what we look for:

Size Requirements

It's crucial that we give our gerbils enough space. A good starting point is a cage that's at least 12 inches tall and 24 inches long, but bigger is usually better. Aim for a spacious design that allows room for burrowing and exercise.

Minimum Size Recommended Size
12'' H x 24'' L 24'' H x 36'' L

Material & Durability

We prefer a cage made from sturdy, chew-proof materials like metal or hard plastic. An all-wire cage allows for good ventilation, but we ensure there's a solid base to prevent injuries to their tiny feet.

  • Materials to consider: Metal bars, hard plastic
  • Avoid: Soft plastic, wood

Ease of Cleaning

We all want maintenance to be a breeze, don't we? Look for a cage with a detachable bottom or a large door that makes it simple to remove bedding and waste.

Key Features:

  • Removable tray
  • Large access doors


Good airflow is essential for our gerbils' health. We always select cages with ample mesh or wire areas that guarantee fresh air circulation.

Modular Design

Who doesn't like a bit of customization? We choose cages that can be expanded or reconfigured to keep our pets stimulated with a fresh layout.


Lastly, safety's a top priority. We opt for cages with secure locks on doors to prevent escapes and keep curious predators out.

Security Checklist:

  • Tight bar spacing
  • Robust locking mechanisms
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