Are Avocados bad for cats?

Are Avocados bad for cats

A glance on the internet reveals tons of misinformation about avocados being toxic for cats and dogs on the internet. In fact, the avocado may be one of the most powerful super food options for your cat or dog. It hands your cat all the essential nutrients. From a casual search across the internet, why does so much debate surrounding this topic exist?

Source of Confusion: Persin

Persin, a substance found within the pit of the avocado skin, leaves and bark, persin harms some birds, rabbits, horses and goats. That only names a couple. The question remains, "Are avocados bad for cats?" Truthfully, no reported cases of cats getting poisoned have been filed. Dr. Jean Dodds says, "For those whose furry companions take pleasure in nibbling on the occasional avocado, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Persin will have no adverse effects on either cats or dogs. Ferrets can also eat the avocado because no reports of poisoning exist.

The Avocado: Wholesome Ingredient

Avocados could actually be seen as a super food because of how it provides you with some of the most wholesome ingredients. Within the last several years, humans have learned of the avocado's status as a super food, and this delicious fruit maintains its health properties for cats. The healthy fats within the avocado support a shiny fur coat and healthy skin. The avocado also contains omega fatty acids with anti-inflammatory agents. In fact, avocados have a vast variety of antioxidants to support your immune system.

Commonsense Still Applies to the Avocado

Before you go out and stock up on avocados for your kitty, you should understand the importance of having the right balance in nutrition. It might be better for your cat's health if they discover the avocado within their current food. You also have to apply common sense with parts of this fruit. Certain portions of the avocado aren't necessarily poisonous to cats, but they can turn into a choking hazard. The biggest danger of the avocado comes from swallowing a large pit that obstructs the animals esophagus or intestinal tract. Never let your cat bite into a whole avocado or even the pit because the results can turn deadly fast.

Other Creatures in the Home Besides Cats?

Are avocados bad for cats? While it might not pose a danger to your cat or dog, you still have to exercise caution about persin to other animals in your home. For example, birds will still get poisoned if they eat avocados. If you live on a farm, horses and cattle will also be threatened by persin, so you don't want to feed cats avocados where the persin's toxicity will reach your other animals. Dr. Justine Lee, a veterinary specialist confirms that guinea pigs, rabbits and goats all can be endangered through persin. Always keep avocados out of their eating area.

The Benefits of Giving Your Cat Avocados

When you feed your cat avocados, you will actually be helping to serve them with vital nutrients. For example, avocados remain high in vitamin C, E, A and B6. They also consist of other benefits like potassium, folate and niacin. These are all nutrients essential to your cat's diet. Here's the facts on your cat. He's a carnivore and needs quality protein. In contrast to dogs, dogs are omnivores, which means they can eat both meat and leafy substance. For a cat, however, having meat and fish as one of the first ingredients in their food remains crucial to their health. The avocado consists of more than 18 amino acids, which means you have complete protein. For cats, that becomes a phenomenal addition to their health. Amino acids equate to higher energy levels and the essential building blocks for developing muscles and greater organ function.

The Healthy Fats to Know About

Fat continues to get a bad rap in the health and nutrition field. Did you know, however, some fats give your cat a more balanced diet? Avocado fruits have become a quintessential source of healthy fats for omega fatty acids also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. If a cat has lower fat levels, it could lead to itchy or dry skin and health problems.

How to Check Your Cat's Health

One of the easiest ways to determine the health of your cat lies in their fur coat. For example, is it shiny? Does their skin appear to be in good condition? This shows whether they are receiving the right level of nutrition. For example, a thinning coat or hair loss, dullness, matted hair, thickened skin, or odors could mean you have to pay a visit to the vet to rethink what your cat eats. An avocado could be one of the best super fruits to feed your cat.

The Problem with Fresh Avocados

Two primary issues exist when you feed your cat a fresh avocado. First, you have to make sure it hands him the right level of nutrition. For example, you have to balance the fatty acids within the avocado to maximize the benefits. Second, the issue becomes accidentally feeding your cat other harmful ingredients mixed in with the avocado. For example, guacamole can be a harmful choice because it contains both garlic and onions. Both of these substances will obliterate the red blood cells in your cat.


To maximize the benefits of the avocado, you still need to give your cat a balanced nutrition. One of the easiest ways to go is giving your cat the goodness of nutrients without risking an imbalanced diet. Hopefully we have put the question to rest on "Are avocados bad for cats?" A lot of misinformation exists out there because of how the persin within avocados can hurt other animals, but cats and dogs don't seem to be affected by it. Nevertheless, you still should exercise caution with how you feed them the avocado because that makes a world of difference. If your cat exhibits traits of poor nutrition, it could actually be a telltale sign to start feeding them avocados.

Avocados For Cats

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