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Abyssinian cat rescue sitting by a window

Abyssinian Cat Rescue: Why You Should Adopt An Abyssinian

Abyssinians are some of the sweetest and prettiest breeds out there, and yet, many of them still end up for adoption in shelter homes. Learn more about Abyssinian cat rescue in this article as well as how you can adopt a pet of your own. 

Why The Abyssinian Breed Ends Up For Adoption

It's no secret that this breed often ends up in shelters and rescues in spite of its beauty and elegance. But why is that, exactly? Well, here are a few reasons why these felines may end up needing a new home.

Relocated families

One of the main reasons these cats end up in shelters is their owners move away and can't take them with them. This is especially true if they're renting and the landlord isn't pet friendly. It's sad, but it happens—which makes adopting that much more special for both you and your feline friend.

Unrealistic expectations

Many people might buy or adopt a pet without thinking too much though about it. Oftentimes, these owners end up realizing the unexpected costs of pets far too late, in which case they'll turn to shelters to rehome these darlings. This is why proper research and making a checklist is important before taking any pet.

Dietary needs

Some Abysinnian especially senior cats may have specific dietary needs, tending to be on the pickier side when it comes to their food. If their owners don't take good care of this, then their health can suffer—which is never fun for anyone involved. Of course, this can all be easily avoided with the right diet and lots of love!

Seeking companionship

Abyssinians tend to bond very closely with one person in particular, so if their human companion passes away or can no longer care for them, then they'll be looking for a new forever home. If you think you can provide the love and attention that they require, then now's your chance!

Reasons To Support Abyssinian Cat Rescue

Abyssinian cat sitting up on a tree

Adopting an Abyssinian might be the best decision you ever make—life-changing, even! Abyssinians are legendary for their intelligence, loyalty, and intense curiosity. Plus, they just look so darn cute curled up in a ball.

But why should an Abyssinian be your first pick when it comes to feline friends? Well, here are some reasons:

  1. You'll have an amazing companion for life—Abyssinian are pack animals who prefer living with a family and have been known to form strong bonds with their humans.

  2. They're low-maintenance—Abyssinians don't require much grooming and take care of themselves mostly on their own.

  3. They love to explore—they enjoy being around people and exploring the world outside your four walls with some gentle guidance from you.

  4. They keep things interesting—Abyssinians can be quite the conversationalists when they want to be, meowing in response to questions or even initiating chats with their owners. Plus, they make excellent lap cats who enjoy nothing more than cuddling up and purring away the days!

  5. They're friendly and loving—Abyssinians make friends easily, getting on well with other cats as well as children (with proper supervision).

  6. They don't need much space—while they love a good game of tag now and then, Abyssinians are mostly content to curl up in small spaces like window sills or cardboard boxes for hours at a time (ahh, domestic bliss!).

  7. Most of all, you can save a cat from the shelter or rescue center by adopting them! There's no sweeter feeling than saving a sweet feline in need.

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What are some organizations that support Abyssinian rescue?

A list of all local rescue groups is available in the Abyssinian Rescue website.

Are Abyssinians good with dogs?

Although some exceptions may exist, in general, these cats are good with dogs.

Are Abyssinians expensive?

Abyssinians cost upwards of one thousand dollars, so they may be too expensive for some. This is another reason why adopting one is often better, as it is often cheaper to rehome one from a shelter.

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