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7 Benefits of Owning a Pet 0

It’s a scientific fact that there are physical and mental health benefits of owning a pet. We already know it feels good to be around furry friends, now there’s evidence to back it up. Here are some of the top health benefits of owning a pet.


1. Pets keep...

Celebrate Be Kind to Animals Week 0


Did you know that May 3-9 is the 100th anniversary of the American Humane Association’s Be Kind to Animals Week?   It’s a great time for all animal lovers to take a moment and remind everyone about how easy it can be to make a difference...

10 Tips on Caring for Senior Pets 0


We all wish our pets could be around forever, but unfortunately our pets age much faster than we do. A dog is considered to be senior starting between the ages of 7 and 10, depending on size and breed. Cats enter their senior years between 8 and...

8 Dog Breeds with the Cutest Puppies 0

And now for your daily dose of squee…presenting a totally subjective list of dog breeds that have the cutest puppies!



No offense to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, but the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is hard to beat for sheer puppy cuteness.


German Shepherd


5 Rare Animal Sightings Caught on Video 0

snow leopard rare animal sightings

Rare animals are a beauty to behold. Often times there are rare animal sightings caught on tape. Here are 5 rare animals sightings caught on tape

Sperm Whale

An unexpected visit from a rare giant sperm whale was captured on video during a...

What to Do If You Find a Baby Animal 3

Have you ever found a baby bird on the ground and didn't know what to do? Spring is the time of year when it’s common to find orphaned or injured baby animals. Whether it’s a nest of baby birds that got blown out of a tree, or a baby bunny...