What You Can Do to Help Chained Dogs


It doesn’t matter if you live in the city, country, or suburbs, most animal lovers have seen the sad sight of dogs tethered to something by a short chain or rope…often without any shelter and exposed to the elements. It’s a sad fact that, for whatever reason, some people leave their dogs chained up outside 24 hours a day. What can a concerned animal lover do to help these dogs? The amazing folks behind the website unchainyourdog.org have compiled tons of great information on the issue, including advice on how you can help. Here are some of their tips:



  • Try approaching the dog’s owner to find out why the dog is left tied up outside. You can help educate the person about bringing their dog indoors, putting up a fence, or even help the person re-home the dog if you find out that they just can’t handle keeping him.
  • Many chained dogs are not spayed or neutered, which adds to their difficult situation. Talk to the owner about finding low-cost spay and neuter programs in your community and assure them that an altered dog will be calmer and less likely to want to roam.
  • If the owner is not open to changing the living situation of the dog, encourage them to provide the dog with adequate food, water, and shelter. You can even pick up a low-cost plastic dog igloo at a discount store and give it to them as a gift. While you’re at it, pick up some toys and things to chew on too.



  • Offer to walk the dog for the owner, so that at least the dog will get some human interaction, mental stimulation, and some good exercise.
  • In the winter, an outdoor dog’s shelter will stay warmer if lined with hay or cedar shavings. In the summer, an outdoor dog will appreciate some shade and a kiddie pool filled with cool water.
  • Contact your local government officials to find out if your community has any regulations about chained dogs. Many places consider it to be inhumane and have banned chaining. Initiate a campaign to ban chaining if your community doesn’t already have regulations in place.



  • Contact authorities if you suspect that the chained dog in question is suffering from any other types of abuse or neglect, such as malnutrition, parasites, or even evidence of dog fighting wounds. Call your local humane society, animal control department, or police department to report animal abuse.
  • Check out the unchainyourdog.org website for informative brochures and flyers you can print out and distribute in your neighborhood. If the owners of a chained dog are not open to talking, you can try leaving some educational materials (even a door hanger) for them to read.


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