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The 7 Best Vacuums For Pet Hair 0

Best Vacuums For Pet Hair

Cat owners and dog owners are often at arms about who makes the best pet. Dogs are so loving and playful, but cats are so sweet and cuddly, when they want to be anyways. One thing they can Read More

The Ten Best Pets for Kids 0

Best Pets for Kids


Fish are an excellent pet addition if you have toddlers in your household. The child can spend time observing the pet with a barrier between the and the pet,...

6 Unusual Animal Friendship Videos 2

unusual animal frienships videos


There’s something special about seeing different species of animals interacting with each other in a loving way. Enjoy these heartwarming videos of some very affectionate animal friends.


1. Elephant and Dog



6 Stylish Vegan Fashion Brands 0

vegan fashion brands

Going vegan is about more than what foods you choose to eat, it’s also about what products you buy. Want to make sure your wardrobe is stylish as well as cruelty-free? Here are some of the best vegan fashion brands to look for, so you...

Is Your Dog At Risk For Leptospirosis? Facts for Dog Owners 0


Leptospirosis is a serious and sometimes fatal bacterial infection that can be spread to your dog through contact with the urine of rodents like rats and squirrels.  The bacteria can live in both soil and water, and a simple drink from a rainwater puddle can be...

Four Dogs Die During This Year’s Iditarod Dogsled Race 0


There is some sad news being reported out of Alaska from this year’s Iditarod dogsled race.  Four sled dogs participating in the Iditarod have passed away this year, making it the most deadly Iditarod for dogs since 2009, when six dogs died during the course of...