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Montreal Pitbull Ban Petition: Repeals And Updates

The City of Montreal in Canada passed a pitbull ban last October 2016 after a mauling incident that resulted in a tragic death. Any dog in the city shelters identified as a pit bull couldn't get adopted. In other words, these innocent dogs were in danger of being euthanized. The Montreal SPCA worked hard to prevent the law from going into effect, but unfortunately, the ban proceeded to take effect by January 2017.

Calls To Repeal The Montreal Pit Bull Ban

Montreal's controversial animal welfare law has been subject to multiple petitions and calls for repeal. Animal rights advocates have argued that the ban disproportionately targets a specific dog breed and thus violates animal rights laws.

Moreover, advocacy groups have pointed out that no scientific evidence supports the claim that pitbulls are more dangerous than other breeds. Furthermore, opponents of the law have gone as far as to suggest that it is based on outdated and false information about the breed and its behaviors.

At the same time, some city officials have argued in defense of the ban, citing public safety concerns related to pit bulls. But it's important to note that even those in favor of keeping some restrictions on ownership are asking for a reexamination of how these restrictions are enforced and revised.

Though there is still much discussion surrounding the Montreal Pit Bull ban, it's clear that there is a strong consensus among citizens who want meaningful change to how animal welfare laws are crafted and enforced in their communities.

Fortunately, the ban was lifted on December 20, 2017, with the help of the outcries of genuine dog lovers and then newly appointed Mayor Valerie Plante.

Breed-specific legislation harms dogs all over the world. If you believe that there are no bad dogs, just bad people, then stand up against BSL wherever you happen to live!

Combating Pit Bull Stereotypes

Brown pit bull playing with rope

This Montreal City issue has brought to light a lot of stereotypes surrounding the breed that may have been accepted as fact in the past but are now being challenged by leading animal welfare organizations.

At its core, the law violated fundamental animal rights and perpetuate false information about pit bulls being inherently vicious and aggressive. The truth is that most pit bulls are gentle and friendly, just like any other breed! That's why taking a holistic view of any animal is important.

Moreover, it is essential to recognize that pit bulls are not born dangerous – it is environments, training, and circumstances that can lead to aggression in any breed. Furthermore, many dogs labeled as "pit bulls" are actually "bully breeds," which includes other breeds, such as bulldogs and mastiffs, who often get mistaken for pit bulls due to superficial similarities.

If anything, a dog's actions are mostly a mere reflection of its owner. Owners are the ones responsible for a dog's well-being and the proper training that comes with it. The main takeaway? Be a responsible pet owner, and don't judge a book by its cover – all dogs deserve fair treatment regardless of breed!

What You Can Do

Even if you don't own a pitbull yourself, you can still make a difference by quelling the dangerous negative stereotypes surrounding this dog breed. You can join discussions online or join voluntary work aimed at helping pitbulls in need of rescuing.

Interested in making even more of a difference? You can help fund emergency rescue operations to get dogs identified as pit bulls removed from Montreal shelters so they do not get euthanized. Maybe you can even open your heart and home to one of these Canadian dogs or a pit bull in your neck of the woods.

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Pat - November 27, 2023

This is a stupid logic.

Unless people are trained to handle possibly dangerous dogs, then it makes perfect sense to ban them for public safety.

Same reason it would be extremely dangerous to let anyone walk around with lions, bears, hyenas, or guns.

Currently there are irresponsible people walking around with dangerous animals without any safeguards which put innocent people in danger for virtually no benefit.

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