Montreal Pit Bull Ban: How You Can Help Save These Sweet Dogs


The City of Montreal in Canada passed a new law recently.  When it goes into effect in October 2016, any dog in the city shelters that is identified as a pit bull will not be able to get adopted.  In other words, these innocent dogs are in danger of being euthanized.  The Montreal SPCA is working hard to prevent the law from going into effect.



What can concerned animal lovers in Canada and elsewhere do to help support the Montreal SPCA and these innocent shelter dogs?  You can join the thousands of people who have signed a petition that is being sent to the local government, telling them you oppose the pit bull ban.



Interested in making even more of a difference?  You can help fund emergency rescue operations to get dogs identified as pit bulls removed from Montreal shelters so they do not get euthanized.  Maybe you can even open your heart and home to one of these Canadian dogs, or a pit bull in your neck of the woods.



Breed-specific legislation harms dogs all over the world.  If you believe that there are no bad dogs, just bad people, then be sure to stand up against BSL wherever you happen to live!



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