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Kate McKinnon Really Loves Her Cat Nino!

Kate McKinnon Really Loves Her Cat Nino!


If you can’t get enough of Kate McKinnon’s “Whiskers R’ We” cat rescue sketches on Saturday Night Live, featuring Kate as an eccentric cat lady and various female guest hosts (also playing crazy cat ladies) showing off cute, adoptable rescue kitties, you might be interested to know that Kate is an awesome cat person in real-life too!



Check out this irresistible video compilation of Kate on various TV shows talking about her own adorable rescue cat Nino Positano. Nino was named after the pizzeria where he was rescued from…a big, huggable black and white boy who probably ate a few too many tossed out pizza crusts back in the day. Now, Nino is living the good life, taking cute and funny selfies with his devoted mom Kate.




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