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Owner doing a dog ear massage to his pet

Relax Your Pet With Dog Ear Massage: Best Ear Rub And Acupressure Point

Don’t you love massaging your dog and giving him an ear rub? It makes you feel good, but did you know it makes your dog relax too? Many canine experts believe in the therapeutic power of dog ear massage. Massaging your pet is one of the best ways to bond with them. Make your dogs love you more with the following tips!

Beginning The Massage For Your Pet

First, you should get the proper place to conduct this relaxation session if you want to do it effectively. You should also prep yourself beforehand, as finishing might take a while. You can't rush perfection, after all!

You may also consider wearing some comfortable clothes while you're at it since having your dog lying on you for ages is bound to make you feel quite stuffy. To that end, our specially designed dog lover clothes are here to save the day!

Once you've found the spot you want, start stroking the inner area of your pup's ear at the base of their ear flop. Hold it between your index fingers and gently stroke it out, ending it with a gentle pull.

Completing The Massage

The best way to end this massage session is by giving your pup some warm cuddles and kisses. You can also top it with gentle strokes at the back of his head like a normal head rub to make them relax even more.

Remember to avoid pressing down on any bones or joints, as this may harm your dogs. Keep your movements gentle, and watch out for any signs of pain.

Massages are an excellent way to make your dog feel better, and it has also been scientifically proven to reduce chronic pain among pups with muscle issues. While many of these life-saving techniques can only be learned by a professional, you can still do mini-sessions at home to bond with them and give your pet some needed social enrichment.

Calm And Therapeutic Ear Rub

Woman giving ear rub to her dog while stroking its head

The techniques for doing the perfect ear rub come in many forms but can generally be described with the following:

Basic Ear Stroke

Stroke their ears from the base to the tip, holding them with your thumb at the back and your remaining fingers in front. Work your way across the ear so you cover the whole area. Move on to the other ear. This massage is said to be calming and may also alleviate car sickness.

Double Ear Massage

Rub your dog's head in a gentle circular motion so that the base of their ears is moving. Then do a two-handed version of the ear stroke, one hand on each ear, moving from the base outward to the tip. Try this one on your cat, too!

Ear Circles

Place your hand around the base of your dog’s ear and move the ear in circles, both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Repeat with the other ear.

What Is An Acupressure Point

The concept of acupressure points can be traced back to traditional Chinese medicine, which concerns maintaining a perfect flow of energy and balance within your pup's body. This is done by dealing with the acupressure points in one's body, also termed as pressure points, so-called for the belief that these are where most of the necessary healing energy gets blocked.

The acupressure points of a puppy are mainly found in the following areas: their head and face, front legs, ears, feet, spine base, and back legs. This is why massaging your doggy's ears is also considered doubly effective.

That said, one should not try to do massages in many of these areas without the approval of a veterinarian. Even with an acupuncture therapist's help, veterinary advice should still be taken to avoid any complications to their canine lifetime health.

Common Questions About Dog Ear Massage

Do dogs like their ears massaged?

The answer may vary, as every dog is different. You should learn to read their body massage and consult with your vet if you notice any discomfort.

How to massage the ears of my pet?

The proper way to massage dog ears can be done by following the tips listed above.

Is acupressure good for my dog's body?

This therapy, if done well, can give your dog some well-needed relaxation and relieve him from stress.

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