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Bunny playing inside a cardboard, an exampe of a rabbit toys DIY idea

Homemade Rabbit Toys DIY Ideas: Cheap And Easy

Is your bunny feeling a little bit of boredom? If so, then these homemade rabbit toys DIY ideas are sure to entertain your pet. Keep your animal healthy and curious and explore our list of options because, just like us, bunnies need toys too!

Why Rabbits Need Toys

Rabbits are known for being low-maintenance, which is what makes them such good pets for some people. However, contrary to popular belief, bunnies are just like cats, dogs, and other pets, in that they have mental and physical needs that should be met.

A bored rabbit can become unhappy and aggressive, and toys can help keep them mentally active and reduce behavioral problems. And, of course, toys help provide much-needed physical exercise.

Another problem with bored rabbits is that they mostly fill empty time just eating. As such, obesity can become a real threat to these furballs. If left to their own devices, they can develop arthritis and heart problems later on in life.

One more bad habit associated with boredom is excessive grooming. If your bunny doesn't have enough playthings to keep him or her occupied, he's bound to start cleaning himself too much, which can, in turn, lead to hairballs and stomach blockages.

There are plenty of fun DIY rabbit toys that are cheap and easy to make. You probably already have some of the items needed in your home, so you don't even need to go shopping to get started. With just a few simple steps, you're ready to provide your furry friend with the stimulation they need!

Homemade Rabbit Toys DIY Idea

Rabbits playing inside a homemade toy out of cardboard box

Making homemade rabbit toys is a fun and affordable way to keep your bunny entertained for hours. Not only do these activities help your rabbit get its daily dose of exercise, but they will also promote good mental health by stimulating their natural curiosity.

There are so many easy and affordable ways to create rabbit toys. Here are just a few examples:

Paper towel rolls

Cut paper towel rolls into rings and string them together with string, yarn, or shoelaces to form a tunnel-like toy for your adorable bunny pet to explore. You can also stuff the tube with hay or treats for extra incentive!

Tissue box

An empty tissue box can be used as a jumping box or as an obstacle course by cutting holes in the sides and placing different items inside, like hay balls or food pellets, for exploration.

Fabric scrap

If you have some old rabbit shirts that you don't need anymore, you can also use the fabric scraps by cutting them up and tying them into a bundle. Your pet can then bat around these as they play.

Cardboard boxes

All rabbits love a cardboard box; turn it into an activity center by cutting out holes and spraying them with nontoxic paint so they look extra colorful! You can also add treats or soft material like paper to make it cozy for your bunny.

Rabbit Toy Ideas: Cheap And Easy

Let's look at some easy rabbit toys you can make at home. These toys are inexpensive, and to top it off, they're easy to make too!

Play Straws

If you have some straws lying around, you can get creative by making some play straws for your rabbit. Simply fill the straw with hay and seal off one end with a hot glue gun. Leave a small opening on the other end and watch your bunny go crazy as they try to get all the hay out!

Cardboard Maze

Building a simple cardboard maze or tunnel for your rabbit can also have a lot of fun. All you need is an old cardboard box, which you can cut into sections according to your preference. Then once the tunnels and mazes are built, add some carrots or other treats as rewards for getting through them successfully!

Toilet Roll Puzzles

If you want to really challenge your bunny’s brain, why not try making toilet roll puzzles? Cut the toilet roll into smaller segments and hide treats in each one. Your rabbit will then need to figure out how to get to the treat-filled tubes!

These are just three of many different homemade toys that you can put together quickly in order to entertain your furry friends. Not only are these affordable, but they're also super-easy to make without any specialized tools or supplies — so get creative today and keep your bunny amused!

Expert Advice On Rabbit Care

Bunny lying on the floor

As an owner of a rabbit, you should always be aware of your pet's needs, and it pays to know expert advice when it comes to rabbit care. Here are some tips that will help you ensure the best quality of life for your little furball.

Appropriately sized environment

Ensure the enclosure or cage is appropriate for your rabbit—it should be large enough for them to stand on all four legs and stretch out without being cramped. If you have more than one rabbit, the living space should be even bigger to accommodate both of them.

Proper diet

You should feed your bunny fresh vegetables, hay daily, and a small amount of fortified pellets. But watch out for any potential allergens like alfalfa or fruit, as these can cause digestive problems in rabbits.


Rabbits love to stretch their legs and run around outside of their enclosure, so it's important to let them have some free space every day. Make sure they have plenty of toys in their cage, like paper rolls or cardboard boxes filled with hay, that they can use to play and exercise with.

By following these expert tips on caring for your rabbit, you can ensure that they will live a healthy and comfortable life inside the house – with lots of fun DIY toys!


Do rabbits get bored easily?

Yes, rabbits can get bored if not given enough stimulation.

How many toys do rabbits need?

As many or as few as needed, as long as your pet is interested in playing with them.

What is safe for rabbits to chew on?

Paper and cardboard are generally safe for rabbits, as well as other non-toxic and organic options. Make sure that none of their toys contain sharp or jagged parts.

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