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Rabbit lying in a cage in a Japanese rabbit cafe

Mimi Bunny Cafe In Tokyo, Japan: Watch The Cute Japanese Rabbit Cafe

What’s it like to have a half dozen soft, furry friends climb in your lap? Just check out this adorable video shot at Mimi Rabbit Café in Tokyo, Japan. Yes, a Japanese rabbit cafe! From cat cafes to bunny ones, Japan won't stop giving when it comes to cute cafes.

Maybe these rabbits are being especially friendly because they’re being fed some treats (included in your cover charge), but still…a café where you can snuggle and relax with a bunch of adorable buns? Sign us up!

A Brief History Of Bunny And Other Animal Cafes In Japan

Rabbit cafes, also known as "rabbit rooms" or "usagi cafes" in Japanese, first emerged in Japan in the mid-2000s. These cafes offered customers the opportunity to interact with rabbits in a cozy, cafe-like environment. You can lounge here with some tea and snacks and just immerse yourself in all the fluffy cuteness.

Rabbit cafes, also called “usagi cafes” in Japanese, came into popularity in the country along with the rise of its cat cafes, approximately in the mid-2000s. These places offered their patrons a shining opportunity to interact with rabbits in a cozy environment.

And who can’t say no to their charm? With the help of their adorable furry residents, these places quickly gained supporters among locals, especially bunny lovers who found the idea of cuddling with rabbits very appealing.

However, the rise of these cafés along with other animal-themed shops, has raised several concerns and debates in the animal welfare community. The ethics of animals being used for commercial gain is a particularly prickly topic, as do talks regarding their living conditions.

In response to this, the Japanese Ministry of Environment has issued some guidelines regarding animal cafés, including those with rabbits. These policies include standardizing proper care and providing adequate space, food, and medical care for all animals involved.

Rabbit cafes continue to be a quick source of furry-enhanced happiness in Japan. Get on your favorite bunny tee and check out these cute rabbits sometimes!

Tips Before Visting A Japanese Rabbit Cafe

Bunny lying on a couch


Plenty of people forget this important step, but it’s always good to research a shop you’re visiting before going. Look for reviews regarding it and check whether they follow animal welfare standards.

Researching beforehand is also good as some places may only take a reservation.

Follow the rules

Many of these cafes have specific rules imposed upon their customers. Even though these may seem strict to you, be sure to adhere to these instructions. This is to ensure that the rabbits don’t get spooked or harmed by anyone.

Practice good hygiene

These cafes will also have some sanitation requirements for their visitors before letting them interact with the fur babies, such as a compulsory washing of their hands. Also, try to avoid wearing perfumes or other scents which can bother the animals.

Be gentle and respectful

It is absolutely important to be gentle to bunnies and be respectful of their needs and wishes. Don’t make loud noises and sudden movements, as these can startle them, and you should also be mindful to make some personal space for them.

Enjoy the experience

All that being said, you should still remember to enjoy the time you spend at these shops! Spending time with cute and cuddly fur babies is a good way to raise your well-being, and it can definitely be a break from all the hassle of traveling in Japan.

FAQ On Bunny Cafe

What is an animal cafe?

An animal cafe is a place that seeks to provide relaxation with the help of cute animals. They also offer services such as drinks and food, although the latter is often optional.

Are children allowed in rabbit cafes?

Depending on the policy of the cafe, children may or may not be allowed.

Where can I get my own rabbits?

Rabbits make some of the best pets, especially for children, and you can easily find them among shelters or some breeders (with the former being a preferred method).

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