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Two dogs participating in Mexican dog fighting

Mexican Dog Fighting: Fight To Ban Dog Fighting

The government may have banned Mexican dog fighting, but the fight for animal rights is not over yet. Learn more about why everyone should ban dog fighting in the following article.

The History of Dog Fighting in Mexico

Dog fighting is a cruel and illegal sport that has been going on in Mexico for hundreds of years. Originally, these fights were between two dogs of the same breed and were designed to be short and more of a display of stamina than aggression.

However, as time has progressed, many have embraced more aggressive breeds and rules that allow the fights to go on longer, leading to increased suffering for the animals involved.

Today, these fights are known as "peleas de perros" or dog-fights in Mexico, and they have become largely unregulated. Many promote and attend these events not only for entertainment but also to gamble on their outcomes.

These events can be held anywhere from backyards to makeshift rings in public plazas or even in professional arenas. In addition, this practice is linked to activities such as drug trafficking and child labor exploitation, making it all the more important for it to be eradicated.

How It Works

Have you ever heard of Mexican Dog Fighting? It's a cruel practice that has been gaining traction within Mexico for the past few years, and it's a major concern for animal rights activists. In this cruel sport, two dogs are pitted against each other until one of them is severely injured or killed.

It's not just a fight, either—this practice is an organized business. The goal of owners isn't to leave the fight with a winner but rather to make money from bets placed on their dogs. The higher the stakes, the more brutal the fight, and the dog owners don't hesitate to use excessive violence against each other’s canines in order to win.

The fight itself is orchestrated by handlers and promoters, who will set up fights in rural areas where there is no animal rights legislation criminalizing dog fighting, allowing them to run fights without fear of punishment. They will often gather large groups of people in order to place bets and generate as much revenue as possible from these events.

The consequences for the animals are quite dire, with many experiencing serious injuries or infections. Dogs who lose are often treated as disposable commodities, although 'winners' often die as well in these events.

At the end of the day, this is an extremely cruel practice that has devastating effects on both animals and humans alike; it must be stopped in order to protect our animals and ensure our safety going forward.

Why Mexican Dog Fighting Persists

Two dogs fighting

Why is it that despite Mexico's laws, the cruel activity persists? While there are many answers to this question, the most common one is related to its cultural roots in Mexico. This practice in Mexico dates back centuries and has been embraced as a form of entertainment by some – leading to its persistence today.

Another reason why this activity persists is due to the lack of enforcement of animal cruelty laws and weak punishments for perpetrators. In addition, poverty in Mexico leads to a lack of resources to tackle the issue, and corrupt officials are known to be involved in fighting rings, making it difficult for authorities to intervene.

Despite efforts from animal welfare organizations and calls for reform from the public, this issue continues to plague Mexico – with a cruel toll on both the dogs that fight as well as their owners who risk their lives and livelihoods in this dangerous sport. But it isn't too late – there is still hope that one day we can see an end to such cruel practices throughout Mexico and beyond.

Ban Attempts In Mexico

The Mexican government has made some progress when it comes to animal protection laws, but unfortunately, those laws are often not enforced. Despite that, the organization of this activity is now a crime in Mexico, and the government has made it a priority to crack down on the practice.

Activists and organizations like Animal Equality Mexico work towards the goal of ending cruel dog-fighting practices in Mexico by raising awareness and advocating for stronger animal protection laws. They have organized marches and peaceful protests to bring attention to the issue.

There are also several public petitions circulating with thousands of signatures calling for a nationwide ban on this practice. These petitions have been presented to Mexican lawmakers and local governments with requests for stricter enforcement of animal protection laws.

Though progress has been made, much work still needs to be done in order to put an end to this cruel practice in Mexico once and for all. Take up your favorite dog merch and join the fight for man's best friend!


Has Mexico banned dogfighting?

Yes, their government has laid down some felony-level penalties for those who perpetuate this practice.

How many dogs die from dogfighting?

There is not enough research to provide the number of deaths caused by dog fighting events, but it is still being operated to this day, albeit undercover.

How do I stop dog fighters in my area?

Contact an animal rights organization near your area. Fortunately, there are many pet-friendly states which strictly enforce laws against these crimes.


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Oliver - January 4, 2024

David your comment is just whataboutism. Since when the fact other countries do it justifirs the cruelty? These dogs are sentient beings they feel pain and know they existd they have emotions. A cultiral practice that is embedded in crime and sadism is not worth the suffering of dogs that are artificially bred to be more agressive and then suffer being chewed on by another animal-machine created by heartless cashgrabbers. And then theyre not useful anymore…

David - November 27, 2023

Dog fighting isn’t illegal in many places. As I do not condone dog fighting to the death, I have no problem with it when it is controlled environment which it usually is.

In Japan, they fight the Tosa Inu’s there, and it is based off of points, which is mostly gained by the dog that makes the least noise which is hard for most to understand.

In Afghanistan, they fight the Kangal’s and the Alabai’s “Primarily” and they go until there is a clear winner which is after one dog is pinned down for a short while.

There are many countries that allow this. It is far less cruel than the left-wing radical extremist liberals that push for abortion in the United States.

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