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A Victory for Animal Lovers:  Mexico Bans Dogfighting

A Victory for Animal Lovers: Mexico Bans Dogfighting


Animal advocates have a big victory to celebrate—Mexico has passed a nationwide ban on dogfighting.  The Mexican Senate and House of Representatives have both passed a bill mandating that the practice of dogfighting will be penalized within a year.  The new legislation reforms sections of the country’s criminal code, imposing penalties for activities associated with the practice of dogfighting.



The newly punishable activities include organizing dogfights, owning or trading a fighting dog, possessing a property where dogfights occur, and even attending a dogfight as a spectator. 



According to a statement put out by Humane Society International/Mexico, “Dogfighting is terribly cruel, highly unpopular, and strongly linked to organized crime.”  HSI/Mexico spearheaded a campaign to end dogfighting in that country, gathering over 200,000 signatures on a petition that was presented to legislators.


Interested in learning more about the movement to end dogfighting worldwide?  Check out this video:




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