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A Rescue Group Dedicated to Saving Homeless Black Cats

A Rescue Group Dedicated to Saving Homeless Black Cats


It’s sad but true…black cats have a tougher time getting adopted than cats with other fur colors.  Sounds crazy to those of us who love all cats, regardless of color, but these poor guys are half as likely to get adopted as lighter-colored cats.  Luckily for all those cool black cats in the state of Massachusetts, a group of dedicated volunteers are determined to make a difference in the lives of homeless black cats.



Black Cat Rescue, based in Boston, Mass., is a no-kill cat rescue organization made up of volunteer foster families who open their hearts and homes to black cats while they are waiting to get adopted into their new forever homes.  The cats come from all over Massachusetts, some are rescued from shelters and some are strays from the streets.



Besides providing temporary homes for black cats, Black Cat Rescue also works to improve the public perception of black cats and encourage black cat adoption.  Don’t live near Boston?  No problem!  There are black cats of all shapes and sizes at your local shelter or cat rescue group just waiting for their new forever homes right now.



Photos via Black Cat Rescue Facebook page.



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