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Stray black cats in a rescue being fed

Black Cat Rescue In Boston, Massachusetts: Animal Shelter For Pets

Black Cat Rescue in Boston, Massachusetts, is a no-kill cat rescue group dedicated to saving black felines from foster homes. These pets are cared for very well until people adopt them. Learn more about their work and how you can donate in this article.

What To Know About Black Cat Rescue In Boston

It's sad but true . . . black kitties have among the highest euthanasia numbers among other fur colors. It sounds crazy to those of us who love all cats, regardless of color, but many of these kittens end up dead due to their sheer number. Luckily for all those cool cats in the state of Massachusetts, a group of dedicated volunteers is determined to make a difference in their lives.

Black Cat Rescue, based in Boston, Massachusetts, is a no-kill cat rescue organization made up of volunteer foster families who open their hearts and homes to these cats while waiting to be adopted into their new forever homes. The cats come from all over Massachusetts, some are rescued from shelters, and some are strays from the streets.

Besides providing temporary homes for these fur babies, the rescue group also improves the public perception of black kitties and encourages their adoption. Don't live near Boston? No problem! There are black felines of all shapes and sizes at your local shelter or cat rescue group just waiting for their new forever homes.

Why Should I Adopt

Stray black cat walking in the street needing someone to adopt him

Owning pets has its own unexpected costs and tribulations, but it also has some major upsides, especially for cat lovers like us.  They're good companions, especially for people who don't have plenty of time on their hands. This is because cats need a bit less maintenance than dogs do,

Another benefit to adopting is the impact it has on our health. A recent study conducted during the COVID pandemic has shown how it can improve humans' mental health and well-being in isolation, something many of us still go through.

Aside from these benefits to the self, we can also think of the positive impact this has on the animal. According to shelter surveys, the population these days are full due to the increasing number of strays, which makes it harder for volunteers to provide help. Adopting one can save a spot for another creature who needs help.

With that said, what's stopping you further from giving a cute little rescue his or her forever home? Take up your favorite rescue shirt and adopt a sweet kitty now!


Do black kitties have a hard time getting adopted?

Thankfully, due to recent efforts to raise their status, black felines have become the most adopted color type among shelters. However, many of them still get euthanized.

Do black kittens stay black?

Cats born black may often develop a rusty coat, which eventually disappears as they age.

Why do black cats have a bad reputation?

Much of this belief can be traced back to superstition and culture. It is also true that their color is often associated with grim tidings.

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