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Meet Omo: A Rare White Giraffe

Meet Omo: A Rare White Giraffe


This beautiful 15 month-old white giraffe named Omo lives in the Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. Omo was first spotted by an ecologist in 2015, and conservationists are trying to keep a close eye on her, as white giraffes are at particularly high risk for being targeted by human poachers and bushmeat hunters, as well as animal predators.


Experts say Omo is not an albino, but rather has a condition called leucism, which is a partial loss of pigmentation. Albinism is caused by the absence of melanin. Omo’s striking good looks have brought her a lot of attention, and also hopefully raising awareness about the need to save giraffes, a threatened species.


Check out this video to learn more:



Photo credit: Derek Lee/Caters News Agency




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