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Two Bernese Mountain dog puppies playing with each other

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies: The Adorable Dog Breed

Learn more about Bernese Mountain dog puppies in this article! You'll surely love this beautiful dog breed with its sweet temperament, loyal tendencies, and large fluffy body. You will want to raise one of these purebred Berner litter in no time, as they are certain to bring happiness to any family.

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies: What To Know

The Bernese Mountain Dog is one good-looking animal. It’s a large, sturdy working dog with a beautiful tri-colored double coat, perfect for the cold climate draft and droving work the breed was created for.

Although these pups look small at first, they actually grow to be one of the largest dogs out there. They can weigh between 75 to 115 pounds in adulthood, which is about the weight of a fully grown human. You'll have to get lots of kibbles for this puppy.

As for their canine lifetime health, like most big dogs, they have some short lifespans, living between 7 to 10 years. Still, this can be lengthened with proper care and plenty of exercise.

They can also encounter other health issues common to big dogs, like hip and elbow dysplasia. It's necessary to be prepared for unexpected costs like these before taking up the responsibility of owning a pup.

The Fun Pet: Trait And Temperament

A calm, good-natured dog, the Berner makes the perfect family pet. And, as any dog lover knows, this breed happens to have the cutest, fluffiest, most adorable puppies around!

These puppies are very affectionate, and they'll be wagging their tails all the time for some friendly ear rubs and head pats from their humans. Their loyalty also knows no bounds, making them great companions for anyone.

While these dogs may seem like fluffy balls of infinite energy at first, the truth is that they only need some minimal exercise. The most important part is giving them early training and social enrichment to ensure they don't pick up nasty habits over time.

Where To Get A Litter?

Adorable Bernese Mountain dog puppy hiding under a chair

One of the most trusted ways to obtain some purebred Bernese Mountain dog is through reputable dog breeders. You can usually find them advertised through official sites, like the American Kennel Club. You should also check their legitimacy through a breeder referral program.

While going through an official breeder may be expensive, it is generally worth it if you are looking to avoid long-term health conditions, especially considering the short average lifespan for these pups. Good breeders will ensure that their dogs are health-certified, with many official papers to back these up.

Another option is to adopt from your local shelter or a home specializing in this breed. Be reminded, though, that some of them may have strict requirements on spacing, especially since these pups grow quite large.

While purebred dogs in shelters are quite rare, it's still worth a look or two. So take up your favorite dog rescue shirt and start the search now!

Similar Breed

Bernese Mountain dogs sure are some of the best dog breeds out there, but they're certainly not alone in the big and sweet department! Check out some other dogs similar to them in size and temperament.


You've probably heard of these pups as being amazing rescue dogs, but make no mistake: they make amazing family pets too! Big and cheery, these fluff balls are sure to give you a run for your money with their adorable characters.

Saint Bernard

These dogs share a similar ancestry to the Berners in that they were originally bred for big dog work. While they're mostly kept as lap (or maybe floor) companions these days, you can still see traces of this history in their quick thinking and obedience.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Although not as fluffy as the Berners, these dogs make up for it with their intelligence and loyalty. They can be fierce and territorial however, so inexperienced dog owners are not recommended for their uptake.


When do Bernese Mountain dog puppies lose their teeth?

These puppies generally lose their teeth in four to five months.

When do these puppies open their eyes?

Not just Berners, puppies in general open their eyes around two to three weeks after birth, although their sights at this point is still very limited.

How much do Bernese Mountain dog puppies sleep?

These pups may sleep around eighteen hours a day or more.

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