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Temptations Holiday Commercial: Best Temptations Cat Treat Holiday Ad

Temptations Holiday Commercial: Best Temptations Cat Treat Holiday Ad

Have you seen the Temptations "Say Sorry for the Holidays" commercial yet? You'll remember if you did. The long version contains one hilarious minute of felines looking absolutely miserable after their humans deck them out in Christmas gear for the holidays. Just check out these poor cats' looks and try not to laugh.

We know it's fun to dress up with our furry best friends during the holidays. However, let's make sure they're as comfortable as we are in the clothes we have them wear!

Another funny holiday season ad from Temptations is the "All It Takes Is A Shake" video. Cat owners can definitely relate to this video showing kitties coming at the sound of shaking the treat pack. We all know how our pets can get addicted to this tasty goody!

Tired of sappy greeting cards and coffee Christmas commercials? Your favorite holiday ads are here. The Temptations brand doesn't disappoint!

Temptations Holiday Commercial FAQs

Gray cat in blue Christmas tree garland

What are the benefits of giving my cat treats?

Treats can be a great way to bond with your cat, reminding them they are loved and cared for. Additionally, these can be used as a training tool, reinforcing positive behavior and encouraging good habits in your cat. For example, if you give this to your cat when they use their scratching post instead of the Christmas tree, they are likelier to continue this behavior. 

Treats can also have nutritional benefits, providing your cat with important vitamins and minerals that may not be in its regular diet. However, it is important not to overdo it, as too many can lead to weight gain and other health issues. Moderation is key.

Do Temptations products have different flavors?

Yes, they do! Temptations cat treats come in various delicious flavors that your cats will love. The most popular flavors are tempting tuna, savory salmon, and the surfer's delight. Each flavor contains essential vitamins and minerals to keep your cat healthy and happy. They also contain no artificial colors or preservatives, so you know your cat is getting the best quality treat possible. Try out some of the different flavors today. Your cats will thank you for it!

Will my cat like treats?

It totally depends on your pet's tastes. We know how picky they can be! If your furry friend doesn't seem to like the current flavor you're feeding them, try to change it or look for what flavors other cat parents swear by.

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