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Four dogs with different breeds standing in a park

GoPro Dog Videos: A Dog's Eye View of a Day at the Park!

We all know us humans love taking photos of ourselves, but what about our furry friends? Our canine companions love a good adventure every once in a while too – and they're also hams in front of the camera. 

Check out this adorable GoPro YouTube upload of many happy pooches enjoying a beautiful day at the park. These cute pups are having a great time romping and playing with each other. Not that we needed video proof that the dog park is even more fun from your dog's perspective . . . but it is fun to sneak a peek at their world!


Video by Kelsey Wynns.

Training Your Dog For GoPro Videos

You may already have everything sorted out, from prepping the activities to wearing your best dog merch. But what if your pooch is camera-shy? Getting your pooch camera-ready doesn't have to be a complicated process. Here's how you can use the same principles of dog training to teach your pup some Go Pro tricks:

Make it Fun

Your pet needs to understand that the GoPro isn't an enemy, so make sure they associate it with positive experiences. Start by introducing them to the camera and its various components, then slowly incorporate them into their daily playtime routine.

Lead the Way

If you want your pup to be comfortable wearing their GoPro, start by setting an example yourself. Put on their harness and practice walking around for a few minutes before adding the cam. This way, they know what to expect and won't be surprised by sudden changes.

Keep Things Short and Sweet

Just like people, dogs get tired and grumpy when overworked or overexposed – so keep these sessions short for optimal engagement throughout. After all, nobody wants to have a cranky pup on set!

Positive Reinforcement

Rewards are always encouraged when training your pup, so think of it as no different when teaching them how to properly handle being in the spotlight. Offer treats whenever they seem comfortable with their gear or if they perform certain actions while wearing it – this way, they'll learn that there are benefits to being around this strange contraption!

Creating Cinematics With Your Pet

Lhasa Apso and Siberian Husky puppy playing together in a park

Nothing says "I love my fur baby" like a high-quality, cinematic recording of your pup. Sure, you can take snapshots, but nothing beats a good vid. If you're already a GoPro pro, you know the secret to awesome vids: steady shots. But if your pup won't sit still, how can you get that steady shot?

Don't worry— there are plenty of ways to make sure your movie of Fido doesn't look like The Blair Witch Project. Here are just a few tips:

  1. Secure the camera: Use a mountable collar or chest harness to ensure your cam stays put while Fido runs around.

  2. Use a stabilizer: Don't forget to bring a handheld stabilizer so your shots are silky smooth no matter what terrain your pup is exploring.

  3. Add flair: Look for unique angles and perspectives—like shooting from above or below—to jazz up your vid and give it some pizazz!

  4. Capture audio, too: Don't forget to capture audio with the built-in microphones and record some narration for extra impact.

Once you've got these basics, you'll know how to capture those special moments with your pet like a pro!

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