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A kitten wearing a cat mobility cart

Cat Mobility Cart: Pet Wheelchairs For Disabled Cats

You’ve probably seen it yourself once, a kitty zooming around in her cute little cat mobility cart. Indeed, there’s nothing more adorable than seeing some lovely pets go happily zipping around in a brand-new set of wheels. This article will introduce you to the fantastic device pioneered by some bright and helpful animal lovers: the pet mobility cart.

The Cat Wheelchair

A mobility cart is a device specifically made to help cats who have trouble moving on their own. It’s the pet equivalent of a wheelchair. Mobility carts help animals who may be suffering from specific issues such as paralysis, spinal cord injuries, bone injuries, and other debilitating ailments.

Carts like these are made with adjustable wheels, which can be switched depending on the surface. For example, there might be a different type of wheel used between sand and tiled floors.

The cart is also made of some light materials, such as aluminum or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It also comes with a very comfortable harness to secure your cuddly friend.

What Your Cat Needs

A cat in a mobility cart walks by a healthy cat

The devices are made to improve the quality of life for our pets by allowing them to move in their environment without help. Crippled felines face a horrendous challenge every time they attempt to do even the most basic of necessities, such as drinking water or taking poop.

With the help of this contraption, our fur babies will finally get to reclaim some of their precious independence. It can also help them boost their mood and reduce stress by allowing for more exercise.

There are several conditions that may cause a cat to require the use of this device. One of them is the presence of a herniated disc, which can paralyze or weaken the back legs.

Another condition is cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition causes the brain to be smaller than average and is a poor sign of development. Animals that suffer from this problem may fail to do some basic motor movements.

Making Disabled Cats Able Again

Like all things novel and important, mobility carts should be introduced to your pet in a gradual way. It’s essential that the cat feels comfortable first with the device. After all, an uncomfortable cat in a wheelchair defeats its entire purpose.

To this end, owners should encourage their pets with snacks and praise. Do so while it explores the cart at its own speed.

Only once the cat is comfortable with being harnessed to the device should basic movements be added. To do this, move the cart slowly and delicately, letting the cat get used to the motion.

Increase the distance and speed as your pet gains more confidence. This may take several sessions, but it really is worth it for your pet’s well-being.

With the use of these carts, doing fun outdoor activities like trekking and touring becomes easier. Your cat can still enjoy the sunshine while being safe and sound in its little cart.

You might think that once your pet’s been used to the cart, heavy monitoring would be over. You would be slightly wrong.

Checking on your cat as he uses this device is still very important. Look at his skin or fur for any signs of chafing or discomfort, or read your cat's body language. Also, regularly clean the cart considering your pets would use it for extended intervals.

Consider combing over your house and cat-proofing areas your little kitty spends most of her time in. This should reduce some trip-heavy spots and make it easier for your pet to move around.

How To Afford A Cat Mobility Cart

Good quality carts may be pricey, ranging to hundreds of dollars in price, but thankfully there are charities that can assist with this expense. One such example is the Handicapped Pets Foundation, an organization that donates wheelchairs to pets in need.

You might be tempted to go for some low-quality carts on Amazon or the like, but remember that this is something that your pet would be using for a long time, maybe to the end of their lives.

Moreover, buying multiple bad carts that get easily damaged is way more expensive than investing in a single expensive yet long-lasting brand.

Mobility carts can be a total game-changer for your cat’s quality of life. Though it takes some money, time, and effort from us parents, the benefits to our pets far exceed the cost it takes us.

Take some time to decide whether or not you’d like to buy a mobility cart for your pet! If you want to show your love for cats in another way, check out some of our amazing cat lover shirts. A portion of the proceeds is going to establish no-kill animal shelters.

Pet Mobility Device Companies

Woman puts on a cat mobility cart on her pet

Have you already decided on getting a pet wheelchair? Here are some innovative and trusted companies you may look into when trying to find your supplier:

K9 Carts: Established and operated by veterinarians, this company boasts a manufacturing history that goes way back to 1961. They specialize in making dog carts, although they’ve also made some cat versions. Both are made to measure and are available on their website.

Doggon' Wheels:  While the company name might lead you to think otherwise, this shop actually offers a variety of wheelchairs for all kinds of pets, from dogs to cats and rabbits to sheep. These are also custom-made depending on the weight, measurements, and activity level of your pet.

Eddie's Wheels: The company is named after its founder, a mechanical engineer who started making wheelchairs along with his wife Leslie for twenty years running. Their story began when Leslie's own dog became crippled, and Ed had to make a custom cart for her needs. They are more of a local brand but no less of a good supplier to buy from.


Can my cat pee and poop in the wheelchair?

Yes, cat wheelchairs are designed to make these basic necessities accessible for your pet. He may have a more challenging time getting into a litter box than doing it outside, but it's nothing some little help can't fix.

How long should my cat be left in the cart?

While your cat may look very cute in his mobility cart, remember that felines spend a majority of their days sleeping in. Remove the cart occasionally to prevent chafing and developing more problems with your pet.

Should I leave my cat unattended in the cart?

It's not a good idea to leave your cat unattended in his mobility cart, as he may get stuck or trip over. Keep an eye on your furry friend at all times.

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