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Pets on Wheels:  Companies Help Pets with Mobility Challenges

Pets on Wheels: Companies Help Pets with Mobility Challenges


We’ve all seen heartwarming stories on the Internet about how dogs, cats, and other pets with paralyzed, missing, or deformed limbs got a whole new “leash” on life when they received a mobility cart with wheels that gave them a new sense of freedom. Nothing’s cuter than seeing an animal that previously had trouble walking go happily zipping around in a brand new set of wheels. Here are some of the innovative companies behind these great pet mobility devices.


K9 Carts: This company (owned and operated by veterinarians) has been making pet mobility devices since way back in 1961. They make both rear support and full support wheelchairs for dogs and cats, as well as harnesses to make walking easier. 


Doggon' Wheels:  Wheelchairs for dogs and other pets that are custom made to each animal’s measurements, weight, and activity level. They make rear, front, and quad support devices, as well as support slings for pets that need a little bit of assistance.


Eddie's Wheels:  Named for Ed Grinnell, a mechanical engineer who founded the company with his wife Leslie 20 years ago, Eddie’s Wheels began when Ed and Leslie’s own dog lost the use of her legs and Ed custom built a wheelchair to meet her unique needs. They make a variety of rear, front, and quad wheel carts.


Walkin' Wheels:  This company is part of, which provides products, support, and services to owners of elderly, injured, and special needs pets. It was founded by Mark C. Robinson after he was told that euthanasia was the only option for his epileptic dog. Walkin’ Wheels makes adjustable wheeled carts for all sizes of dogs.


Dogs To Go:  The family that owns and operates this company began to make hand-built custom wheelchairs for dogs and other pets (including rabbits!) when their own dog, a Dachshund, suffered a ruptured disc and needed help walking.


Branco Project 3D Printed Wheelchair:  Are you a do-it-yourselfer who’s interested in making your very own pet mobility device with the help of a 3D printer? You can get instructions to create your own 3D printed cart on




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