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Two fluffy Maine Coons sleeping on a chair outside

Fluffy Maine Coon Cat: What The Giant Feline Breed Looks Like

What’s the one cat that dog people will most often admit to admiring? It’s the big and fluffy Maine Coon, one of the largest and oldest cat breeds in the United States. Enjoy learning more about this majestic feline featured in this article.

All About The Fluffy Maine Coon Cat

Many historians believe this cat evolved through the interbreeding of local domestic short-hairs in America and the long-haired cats brought by European colonizers. One particular candidate was the Norwegian Forest Cat, recorded to have crossed the sea with the Vikings in the 11th Century.

Maine Coons, called “gentle giants” for their calm, sweet, and friendly personalities, are the perfect cats for families with kids, dogs, and other cats. They are also very intelligent, playful, and trainable.

The Maine Coon is one large cat. Full-grown males can weigh between 21 and 35 lbs., and full-grown females between 15 and 29 lbs. They are also among the longest cats. From nose to tail, a Maine Coon can measure up to 48 inches long.

These felines have the appearance of solidity and sturdiness, with physical characteristics that are perfectly suited to life in a cold climate. They have thick, dense, water-repellent fur and a long, fluffy tail that can be curled around the body for warmth.

Their paws have tufts of fur between the toes for warmth and to help them walk through the snow. Their ears also have attractive tufts of silky fur for added warmth.

Get Your Kitten Active: Proper Nutrition And Exercise Needs

Fluffy Maine Coon cat with two kittens are eating cat food from a single bowl

These adorable felines need proper nutrition and exercise to be healthy. In which case, they’re not really different from us humans.

Despite their huge size making them look like natural-born couch potatoes, getting playtime for your pet is essential for their physical and mental health.


Being obligate carnivores, your cats need a balanced diet made of proteins and other nutrients which can only be found in animal products. Although they can synthesize carbohydrates, it needs to be within a certain proportion.

They may also be prone to being overweight. As such, it is worth it to invest in high-protein food that can fill them up with little issue.


These adorable fur balls absolutely love playing with their owners. They also want regular exercise, much like other breeds. Remember that playing is great for your cat’s fitness and mental health.

They are particularly addicted to tussling and chasing after toys, especially when it's caught their eye. Try giving them cat towers, scratching posts, and mini toys to catch and hunt.

Ensure to get a toy that’s appropriate for your fluffy friend’s personality. Some may love more interactive toys that need chasing, while others prefer more passive types such as plush mice or stuffed animals.

Pet Care And Grooming Tips

The Maine Coon comes with its own fair set of challenges, the foremost of which is the proper upkeep of its majestic coat. However, with its gentle nature, intelligence, and the following tips, taming their shaggy coat will soon be easy as a breeze for both owner and cat.

Regular Brushing

This cat mats quite regularly, as do all long-haired ones, which is why regular brushing is quite essential. Daily brushing is ideal, although it can be reduced to weekly sessions.

Get a soft thistle brush for the trouble so that they won’t feel bad about the grooming sessions. Hard bristles can cause pain to your cat which would make it even harder for you to keep him still.

It’s also best to start young. Being consistent with your schedules will eventually make your cat accustomed to the procedure and make him more willing to get groomed.

You can also clip the fur on their paws with some scissors. Remember to be careful as you go and avoid wounding your cat.


Baths aren’t really needed that much. The most that is recommended is once a month, and only to keep their fur vibrant and healthy.

Too much bathing is bad for your cat as it messes up his coat, thus reducing his efficiency at regulating body temperature. However, the activity is still recommended as it can really make a difference to their hygiene.

You should also stick to using specially formulated shampoo for your cats. Never use human shampoo as it is too harsh to their skin and can also be toxic to your cats.

Main Health Problems With The Breed

Huge Maine Coon yawning inside a pet carrier

Maine Coons have a shorter lifespan than other cats due to their propensity towards inheriting some genetic diseases. Although still uncommon, here is a list of health problems usually associated with these cats.

Heart Disease

Your furry friend is probably more prone to developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a common heart disease found among cats. The visible symptoms of this condition generally appear only during the later stages of the progression. Some of these include shortness of breath and lethargy.

You can try contacting the breeder to know fully about your cat's genetic history.  If not possible, it is wise to consider going for yearly heart ultrasounds in order to identify it as early as possible.

Hip Dysplasia

This condition is quite a common occurrence among pets in general. It occurs when the hip joint is displaced from its proper anatomical position.

The effects can range from mild to severe. In the worst cases, it may even cause lameness in both hind legs. Fortunately, this can be managed with proper weight control as well as surgery.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

As the name infers, this condition causes cysts to develop in your cat’s kidney, severely affecting the organ's proper functioning. Symptoms include vomiting, appetite loss, and dehydration.

The damage from this disease is oftentimes irreversible. While its symptoms can be managed with dieting and therapy, there is still no specific treatment for this condition.

There are other health issues with your pet that require veterinary attention. It’s up to us owners to be responsible for their well-being, which includes preventative care such as regular vet check-ups and health exams.

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Are Maine Coon cats loud?

They vocally expressive but not overly so, mainly being limited to soft meows and trills.

Are Maine Coons messy?

They can be if they aren't groomed properly.

Are Maine Coon cats moody?

No, they generally get along well with other creatures and humans.

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Cat Exotica - December 19, 2023

Absolutely captivated by the majestic Maine Coon cats Their size and fluffiness are utterly delightful. Thank you for sharing this insight into these gentle giants. Truly, they’re a marvel among feline breeds — such grace and beauty in one furry package.

Cat Exotica - November 27, 2023

Goodness, Ragdoll cats are such charming and delicate mates. Your recommendation on finding a trustworthy raiser is right on the money. I can hardly hold on to bring one into my home!

Linda Simmons - May 26, 2022

We acquired a rather large (15 lbs), female, black & white cat. After giving her a good lookover, & some research, I’ve decided she is a Maine Coon. She is a sweet, loving animal & really begs for attention. She is also the only cat I’ve ever had that WANTS me to rub her tummy. She has been appropriately named “Princess”. Princess and our little dog tolerate each other – usually. With the size of the cat’s claws, the dog is lucky she still has both of her eyes!

Because it’s winter, she has a very dominate “mane” on her chest & the tail is VERY full and lush. Beautiful animal!

Russell - May 2, 2021

I had the best Maine Coon, Howard… I ended up in the hospital for 8 months so my sister took him and now won’t give him back to me.

I am in Delaware and “Howard” is with her family in NH. One day I will kidnap him and bring him home to me….

Needless to say she is on my S**t list.

What a ROTTEN thing to do with my beloved pal.

Russell - May 2, 2021

I had the best Maine Coon, Howard… I ended up in the hospital for 8 months so my sister took him and now won’t give him back to me.

I am in Delaware and “Howard” is with her family in NH. One day I will kidnap him and bring him home to me….

Needless to say she is on my S**t list.

What a ROTTEN thing to do with my beloved pal.

Ginger - February 26, 2020

So a person with poor health, who doesn’t get around much really appreciates this Breed of cat. I recommend 100%

hingehead - March 16, 2016

Vale Archie, our Maine Coon of seven years who died suddenly yesterday of HCM. Gutted. Best dog whoever owned me.

Irreplaceable. I doubt we will ever get another cat. The heartbreak is too much.

lorence sing - March 13, 2016

We had a stunningly luxurious green eyed white maine coin, Frosty, that we list suddenly this past new years day, he was about 13. We’ve since another rescue maine coin, a red classic tabby kitten, about 7 months old. Teddy chirps constantly, loves took be held. He is also wonderful with his new big brother, Sooty, a loving glossy jet black dhs.

Angela Poe - March 12, 2016

Love my Maine Coon Max. He is solid White. Had a previous one named Comet who was awesome also. When Comet died I had to have another. Such funny personalities they have.

AMY - March 11, 2016

Love my main coon

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