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Golden retriever with frisbee in his mouth representing Jimmy Stewart's dog Beau

Watch This Jimmy Stewart Dog Poem: A Touching Poem About Beau

Watch this Jimmy Stewart dog poem from the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Bringing both audience and legendary host Carson to tears, this touching poem chronicled the life and death of his dog Beau. This video reveals how deeply the end of a pet can affect any human, even great movie actors.

Behind The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Video

The old Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson usually wasn’t the kind of performance that brought a tear to your eye unless you cried at corny jokes or loud, checkered suits. But this amazing clip is different.

Back in 1981, the late actor Jimmy Stewart took out a piece of paper and began to read a poem about his dog Beau. At first, it’s silly, and people laugh. Then things get so quiet you can hear a pin drop as everyone realizes where the poem is going.

Yes, the dog is no longer with us. Jimmy’s voice begins to quiver and his simple words perfectly express how we all feel when we lose a beloved friend. The scene is so touching that it even made Johnny Carson cry.

More About The Jimmy Stewart Dog Poem

The poem was officially titled "Beau", although others called it "I'll Never Forget a Dog Named Beau" as well. Although it was first recited in an episode of the talk show with Johnny Carson, Stewart's poem was eventually published in a collection titled Jimmy Stewart and His Poems around 1981.

According to the stories, the famed stage actor was shooting a movie in Arizona when his veterinarian called him to break unfortunate news about Beau: the dog was terminally ill and his wife Gloria was asking permission for euthanasia. Left with this brutal information, the actor immediately went home, asking his directors for a leave of seven days.

This allowed him to spend some precious time to spend with his wonderful pal before he eventually passed away. He would eventually write about it in the future. Although short, the time he spent with Beau was too beautiful to be forgotten so easily.

The poem, Stewart recounted, was created by the strength of the sadness he felt after the event. Indeed, the feeling was so real that even readers of today can still feel and relate to the incredible sorrow which Stewart clearly felt in his heart.

What To Know About Beau

Golden Retriever sleeping

Beau was clearly a loving and spirited Golden Retriever, according to records, though the poem made him sound like an energetic puppy. In reality, this breed makes one of the best pets around due to its friendly nature.

The American Kennel Club rates their friendliness as the highest possible. As long as they are properly trained and get proper social enrichment, they become perfect furry companions. 

Beau reportedly passed away due to an illness. Unfortunately, Golden Retrievers are prone to health issues. A canine lifetime health study revealed about 60% die from cancer each year - more than any other breed.

Large dogs generally face more health risks, so owners need regular vet checkups to monitor their pup's well-being. However, these threats can be mitigated by preventative measures such as regular health exams, proper diet, and exercise.

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What kind of dog was Beau?

According to the poem, the dog is both energetic and affectionate, a trait found in other dogs of its kind.

Do Golden Retrievers make good pets?

Yes, they make excellent pets. They are also often used as service dogs by professionals.

Where can I get a dog like Beau?

You can adopt a dog from a shelter. Alternatively, you can buy from a respected breeder, such as those listed by the American Kennel Club.

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