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Big dog playing with baby on a lawn

Gentle Giants: Youtube Videos Compilation Showing Big Dogs With Babies

Dogs are incredibly loving and protective towards their families, especially with the tiniest family members. Sometimes the biggest pups make the gentlest and most patient protectors. Here are some adorable videos of big dogs with babies.

Sweet Malamute Is Babysitting

Husky Plays Gently with Baby


German Shepherd or Bed?


Great Dane Shares Toy


Golden Retriever Meets Newborn


Benefits of Big Guard Dogs

It's no secret that having a pet can be a wonderful addition to your family. Did you know that having a furry pal and a baby in a single house may offer specific benefits?

For example, doggies often greet the newborn with tenderness and protective behavior. This helps children learn how to interact and trust animals. It is also a gentle introduction that teaches them how to respect and handle animals.

Our canine friends also provide emotional support for kids as they grow and develop. Studies show that they are associated with better health outcomes and positive child development. Additionally, the presence of a friendly large animal can help reduce stress levels by providing calm and relaxation.

Finally, having a them around the house is great for physical development. Dogs and toddlers get lots of exercise when running around together!  This physical exercise is key for healthy growth in toddlers aside from being fun for everyone.

When And How To Introduce

Dog lying on a lawn with baby

Introducing an infant to a big fluffy friend can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking. First and foremost, it's important to make sure the environment is safe for both your little one and your four-legged pal. To ensure a smooth transition, you should have your pup well-trained before you bring a newborn home.

One tip is to have someone else hold your doggy while introducing the infant. This way he can get used to the new smells and sights.

You can reward good behavior by praising and giving treats when appropriate. Gradually increase the amount of time for interactions between your pet and child until trust is built up between them.

It's important to avoid putting your pet into situations where he may not respond well. Examples of this include protectiveness over food or toys. These situations should be avoided until more trust has been established between the two.

Common Safety Concerns & Strategies for Preventing Injury

Many parents will worry about the safety of children when leaving them with the pups. There have been stories of kids being attacked by these animals, which can be scary to think about.

Enforcing rules with your furry pal is one way to maintain safety. He should know that your child isn't a toy and that clear rules such as no jumping or barking are in place.

Additionally, it's important to teach young kids not to bother animals when they are eating or sleeping. Young children often don't know how their actions can affect an animal, so be sure to teach them when it's okay to approach and handle animals, and when it's not.

Keeping an eye on things at all times is crucial. When your pet and child are together, ensure that someone is always supervising them so that potential risks can be directly addressed if they arise. By following these guidelines, you can help ensure that both parties can coexist safely and happily.

Having a big furry friend at home doesn't have to mean putting your little ones in danger. If you take the necessary precautions, everyone in your family can live harmoniously and safely!

Tips for Nurturing Positive Interactions

Baby playing with a dog

Introduce your canine pal gradually. Make sure they become familiar with the little ones slowly. Show them love, offer treats, and do other forms of positive reinforcement.

It's important to allow your pal to get used to your child's movements, sounds, and facial expressions in a calm and non-threatening environment. Supervision is crucial when interactions occur to ensure proper safety protocols are being followed.

It's also helpful to train your fur ball on basic commands such as "sit" and "stay" so that you can focus on managing your little one when necessary. If needed, consider enrolling your pup in obedience classes with a qualified trainer. This will help him learn discipline and give him the social enrichment he needs.

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Are dogs dangerous around babies?

Pups are generally safe and trustworthy around infants when both parties are supervised and trained properly. However, it is important to remember that these are animals and can display unpredictable behavior when they feel threatened or uncomfortable. It is crucial for parents to socialize their them early on and teach them how to interact calmly and gently.

What big dogs are good with babies?

 Generally, dog breeds that are known for being gentle, patient, and protective are superb choices. The Great Dane, for example, is a giant breed known for its gentle nature. Newfoundland is another large breed that is loyal, affectionate and patient with children.

The Bernese mountain dog is also known for being calm and patient,  a great addition to any family. Boxers are another excellent choice, thanks to their innate playfulness, loyalty, and love for companionship. Lastly, the Golden Retriever is an excellent family dog, known for their easy-going personalities, intelligence, and affectionate temperament.

Will big dogs kills puppies?

It is not common for large dogs to intentionally kill puppies. However, accidents can happen when a dog is playing or roughhousing with a smaller pup. Owners should always supervise interactions between dogs of different sizes, especially when introducing puppies to larger dogs.

Want to see more stories of babies and dogs playing together? Check out how this husky imitates baby voices in this adorable YouTube video.

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