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pet weasel

Want, Need, Must Have: Tiny Desk Weasel

cute pet weasel


Work gets boring, sitting at your desk and staring at your computer all day. There’s a solution for that! Just get yourself a teeny tiny desk weasel, like Ozzy, and you’ll never be bored. This adorable little rescue weasel is not your typical family pet. He may be small, but his energy level is gigantic. Just try to get some work done with this squirmy guy around.



 Thinking about getting a pet least weasel? Here's 15 things you need to know before getting one.

Bonus video…Ozzy’s war dance. Just when you thought you couldn’t handle any more weasel cuteness, here’s Ozzy launching kamikaze attacks on an unsuspecting stuffed toy.



Want even more Ozzy?  Check out his official Facebook page!


Your Animal Hearted purchase saves lives! 25% of all proceeds are donated to no kill animal shelters!


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Nuffamime - May 28, 2021

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GlennHarris - October 9, 2017

This weasel is TERRIBLE !! How can you get any work done ? : )

anika - March 12, 2017

where might i be able to find one of these little guys

Thomas - March 12, 2017

This is normally a wild animal, you would have to get one as a very small baby. Not recommended though.

Fabian Valladares - September 9, 2016

I really want one where can I get one

Karen Kohler - July 23, 2016

Awww….looks & acts just lIke our Murr. She’s a least weasel named after Murray on the Icredible Joksters, who looks like a ferret/weasel, & even has a tattoo of one on his thigh lol. Ours is just a little spazing bundle of fun :)

Norka Blackwell - July 21, 2016

Where I can buy a pet weassel?

Norka Blackwell - July 21, 2016

Where I can buy a pet weassel?

Reggie - February 8, 2016

So excited I found this article as it made things much quckier!

Alex - January 27, 2016

Hate to be a fly in the ointment but it is never a good idea to get a pet because it is “adorable”. See comments above of people now looking to get one. Even if it is a rescue, turning an animal into a comodity is not befitting of your organization.That is an irresponsible post and should be taken down.

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