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Meet Archer: The Tiniest Koala


The cuteness of koalas is pretty much a universally accepted fact. But can one individual koala claim the title of cutest koala ever? Yes, if his name is Archer, the smallest, roundest, fuzziest, and most adorable koala you’ve ever seen. Meet Archer, a koala joey living at the Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia.


Things started out kind of rough for Archer. Unfortunately, his mom Chloe wasn’t doing the best job of raising him and keepers at the park were concerned about his small size and overall health. A keeper with many years of experience took on the task of hand raising Archer and, although still small, he is beginning to thrive.


Archer has transitioned from milk to eucalyptus leaves. After a long period of time with human caregivers, Archer has been reintroduced to the other koalas at the park, and now keeps busy climbing trees and playing with the other young koalas.


Archer’s tiny size and irresistible teddy bear-like appearance are making him an Internet sensation. Who could resist that fuzzy round face and sweet white bib? Stop being so cute, Archer, you’re killing us!


Get your daily Archer fix at his Facebook page HERE.



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