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Two Mutt Dogs Celebrating National Mutt Day

National Mutt Day: Celebrating Mixed Breed Dogs

Is your favorite breed of dog, mutt? Then National Mutt Day is the day for you! So grab your favorite mixed breed fur friend, because it is truly a day to celebrate! But when exactly is National Mutt Day and what is it all about? So glad you asked...

When Is National Mutt Day?

This special day comes but once a year, well actually, this day comes twice! National Mutt Day is celebrated on the dates of December 2nd and July 31st. So if you miss it once, no worries because it will be rolling around again!

Mixed breed dogs are definitely an under-appreciated bunch, so it's no wonder they get an entire extra day a year to celebrate.

What Is National Mutt Day?

National Mutt Day is a holiday all about celebrating mixed-breed dogs! Whether your mutt pup came to you through adoption, a shelter, or even a friend, them being a part of your life, is definitely something to celebrate.

And if you are an animal welfare advocate, then today is even more of a celebration!

Purebred dogs mania(especially around the holiday season) can create big problems that last the whole year long. Puppy mills, lack of adoption, and pups ending up in shelters after the holidays pass are all big problems that can come from purebreds being over-commercialized through the media.

Meanwhile, there are many mixed breed dogs sitting in shelters just waiting for someone to adopt them.

But maybe today is their day!

National Mutt Day brings much-needed attention to a group of pups that could use a helping hand.

How To Celebrate National Mutt Day?

There are so many ways you can celebrate all the mutts in your life on this special holiday.

Here are a few great ways to join in the fun!

Let's Hear It For the Mixed Breeds!

Find the mixed breed dogs in your life on December 2nd or July 31st and make it a holiday your mutts will never forget! Get together with friends and have a little(or big) party, make it the celebration heard round the world if you want! Or take your mixed breed dog or dogs on a special adventure; to the beach, on a hike, or to their favorite dog park to celebrate with all the mutts in the neighborhood.

And make sure to give your mutt an extra squeeze on this day, they've earned it!

Donate to the Mixed Breeds in Need

Donate to your local shelters or animal rescues that house some very special mutts that need adopting. Many shelters get low on supplies so donating your time as a volunteer, a cash donation, or even overflow animal supplies from your own home this holiday season can make a big difference in a mutts life.

Adopt Don't Shop

According to a study by the National Animal Interest Alliance, mixed breeds make up about 95% of the shelter population in the United States. This is an especially alarming number for these precious fur balls who deserve their own loving forever homes.

If you are thinking about bringing a new pup home for the holiday, help save a dog in need and check out the mixed breeds in your area. Look for the dogs in the local shelter or the local rescues that are set up for animals that need good homes. They often have a list of all the mixed breed and even purebred dogs, in need of homes.

Generally, these can be found by a simple google search, by word of mouth, or even by asking your local vet. You can check out our rescue dog shirts and apparel here.

Celebrate the Mix Dog Breeds in Need Around the World

Join in on an event! Many organizations that work to save dog friends and animals of all kinds hold events in both December and July, so check the dates and see just how they are celebrating the wonderful uniqueness of the mutts around the world. Often the events are held as fundraisers to help dogs in need both locally and around the world! So feel free to grab your furry companion and join in on the fun, it's all for a good cause!

P.S. Some of the events might be held over the weekend as opposed to the actual day of, so make sure to check the dates for the weekend before or after each National Mutt Day as well.

 A Mutt Dog Stretching

National Mutt Day FAQ

Got FAQ's? We've got answers...

What Dates Are National Mutt Day?

December 2nd and July 31st.

Who Started National Mutt Day?

Celebrity Pet Expert and animal advocate Colleen Paige began the national holiday back in 2005 to bring awareness to all her canine friends in need.

How Many Mutts Are Currently In Shelters?

The ASPCA estimates there are 3.3 million dogs currently in shelters, many of which are mixed breed. That's a lot of dogs that need loving homes. No wonder National Mutt Day needs an entire extra day of awareness!

Are Mutts As Smart as Purebreds?

Yes! Often times even more so! Unselective and overbreeding practices have caused many purebred bloodlines to become murky and oversaturated. Meaning there is a lot of inbreeding which can cause a lot of health and intellect problems in purebred dogs.

Many mixed breed dogs do not experience the same issues and since their bloodlines have lots of different breed qualities, they can often take on the best attributes of multiple breeds! Find a furry companion that has the best of multiple breeds? Talk about a win-win!

Are Mutts as Healthy as Purebreds?

Yes! Many mutts do not have the same problems of overbreeding, and as a result, often have fewer health problems. Fewer health problems equals fewer vet visits and fewer vet visits equal one happy hound. Overall mutts are generally happier, healthier, and even smarter than most of their purebred counterparts! 

Need we say more? Check out all the ways you can celebrate one of the greatest National holidays in history(at least in our opinion) today!

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