5 Rare Animal Sightings Caught on Video

snow leopard rare animal sightings

Rare animals are a beauty to behold. Often times there are rare animal sightings caught on tape. Here are 5 rare animals sightings caught on tape

Sperm Whale

An unexpected visit from a rare giant sperm whale was captured on video during a recent underwater research expedition off the coast of Louisiana. Some very excited scientists geek out as the whale appears in front of a deep water camera, and then continues to hang around for several minutes.


Here are some other rare animal sightings caught on camera

Snow Leopard Cub

Normally very elusive and camera shy, snow leopards are hard to film, but this BBC documentary film crew got incredibly lucky when a beautiful snow leopard cub not only came into camera range, but began to investigate the camera close up.


Oar Fish

A rarely seen and unusual looking 15 foot long oar fish swam right up to the beach in Cabo San Lucas, creating a bit of a frenzy among both locals and tourists. Check out the close-up starting at around 2:04!




The saola is one of the most critically endangered mammals in the world. So rare, they were only discovered in 1992 and are almost never seen or photographed in the wild. This saola was captured on video in Vietnam in 1999.


Black Sea Devil

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute captured the first images of a live black sea devil in its natural environment off the coast of California. The black sea devil is a rare and very creepy looking deep sea anglerfish.


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