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Dog eating ice cream, one of the best frozen treat recipes for dogs

Best Frozen Treat Recipes For Dogs

They don’t call them the dog days of summer for nothing! Take a look at some of these frozen treat recipes for dogs. From bananas to peanut butter, yogurt to popsicles, these homemade dog treats recipes will surely make your furry friend bark for more!

What Makes The Best Frozen Treat Recipes For Dogs?


First and foremost, whatever you're cooking up for your dogs needs to be safe for them to consume. This means avoiding any harmful ingredients to them, such as chocolate. The American Kennel Club has provided a very helpful list to guide fur parents on their cooking expeditions.

You should also consider if they have any allergies or not, in which case going for specific diets like grain-free dog treats might be the best choice.


Your furry pal's taste buds shouldn't be discounted, either. After all, what's good as a treat if it doesn't taste like one? Find out what food your doggy likes the most, and try to incorporate these into whatever you're making.


The best treats are those which don't hurt your wallet that much. While it's good to spoil our angels every now and then, it's also worth it to minimize costs when possible.


Finally, treats that are easy to make are probably the hardest to find. Effective ones, at least. A good treat shouldn't take half a day to make, and it shouldn't make you feel sore all over, either!

With that being said, we've listed some recipes which we think pass the requirements above. Have fun with your pet through this selection!

Homemade Frozen Peanut Butter With Strawberries (pawmenow)

Frozen strawberry and yogurt dog treat

Who can deny the deliciousness of the amazing peanut butter? While this heavenly food is commonly served to our pets in its original form, you can take it up a notch by making some homemade frozen peanut butter treats in your kitchen.

It's easy enough to do. All you need is a cup of fresh and sliced strawberries, a quarter cup of water, and a blender to turn them into smush. Once done, put the puree on an ice cream tray and top it with a small portion of peanut butter.

See? Easy enough to do, and there are not a lot of dishes to wash after either. You can also wait for sales on these ingredients to save up even more.

Easy Frozen Strawberry, Banana, And Yogurt Combo (Three Olives Branch)

Nothing quite beats the taste of some fresh fruit added with a dash of Greek yogurt. Your dog will certainly appreciate this healthy (and fancy) treat for all the hot days to come. It also doesn't melt that fast, which is just perfect for canine chewies.

All you need is some strawberries, bananas, and yogurt. You can decide on the proportion however you want, altho it's recommended to go with whatever your pal likes most. You can also add honey for some extra sweetness.

The process is just the same as before, combining all the ingredients either through a blender or a food processor. Freeze them in whatever container you like, make sure that it's the perfect size for your canine friends to bite on.

The Ultimate Frozen Yogurt Pupsicles (Live Eat Learn)

Dog eating peanut butter popsicle

What better way to celebrate the summer heat than some yummy popsicle treats with your pups? This aptly named treat is so-called for its versatility with ingredients as well as its amazing taste.

The star of the show in this one is yogurt. You can mix in any other fruit you like, just make sure that they're safe for your pups to consume. You should also get some molds that are specific to the shape of popsicles, with enough space to fit in your stick.

This amazing treat is a step above others due to the fact that it's also a fun, interactive way for you to feed your pets. If you wanna involve yourself more in your pup's happiness, then this may be the perfect choice!

Blueberry Frozen Dog Treat Recipe (Peel With Zeal)

What list is complete without the delectable blueberries? This fruit is known for being a temptation to many dogs as well as being high in nutrients.

Although it might be a bit pricier than some of the options here, the good thing is that you can add some fillers like bananas and yogurt while still maintaining that tasty blueberry-ness that we so love.

Another good news is that they also have quite a shelf life, lasting up to three months when kept frozen in your refrigerator. However, do be advised that it's quite a messy scene when you're giving them to your pups, so it might be wise to feed them outside.

3 Ingredients Dog Ice Cream Recipe (Great Pet Care)

You've probably experienced the tiny stabs of guilt as your dog stared at you morosely while you eat this forbidden treat. Unfortunately, many store-bought ice creams are not allowed for dogs due to their preservatives and other ingredients.

Gone is the ice cream-less era for dogs, however, as you can finally make a canine-friendly one with the most basic steps. It also only needs three recipes: banana, peanut butter, and, you guess it right, some yogurt.

You just need to mix all these ingredients into a puree and freeze them in a container for an hour or so. Make sure that the peanut butter and yogurt you're choosing (as well as the ones used in the previous ingredients) are free from xylitol.

Make Frozen Broth Ice Cubes

Last but not least is the classic frozen chicken broth which all dogs love. You can take either an ice cube tray or a silicone mold, the latter if you're feeling a bit fancy, fill them with broth, then chill them in the freezer.

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FAQ About Frozen Homemade Dog Treats

Is ice cream safe for dogs?

Most ice creams consumed by humans aren't safe for dogs, as many of them contain chocolate, xylitol, and other substance which are absolutely lethal to our furry friends.

Are frozen treats good for dogs?

Depending on the ingredients you're using, it can be. The ones we've listed in the article are safe enough to consume for your pups.

How do I store frozen dog treats?

You can ensure their taste and freshness by keeping them frozen in your freezer.

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