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What Kind of Dog Should I Get?  Dog Breed Finders Have the Answer!

What Kind of Dog Should I Get? Dog Breed Finders Have the Answer!


If you’re looking for a dog, one of the most important parts of the decision to get one is what type of dog is best for you. Whether you rescue, adopt, or decide to go with a reputable breeder, every prospective dog parent should ask themselves some important questions. What’s the right size dog for your house or apartment? How much energy does the dog have? How much time do you have to devote to things like training and grooming? You get the picture. Luckily, there are lots of great breed selector tools on the Internet to help you out. Here are just a few to check out:


AKC Dog Breed Selector: You can’t get much more official than the American Kennel Club when it comes to choosing a breed. Check out their easy 6 step “find a match” dog breed selector tool.


Petcentric Dog Breed Finder: Purina Petcentric has a fun dog breed finder tool that makes it easy to find the right dog for you. Just fill in the blanks on a few questions and get a list of breeds that are suited to you.


IAMS Dog Breed Selector: The IAMS pet food company has a very user-friendly breed selector tool that covers topics like appearance and behavior, basic care, and activities.


Animal Planet Dog Breed Questionnaire: The dog experts over at Animal Planet have a 10 question survey you can take to help you find the perfect dog to fit your lifestyle.


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Dog Channel Dog Breed Selector: Check out the Dog Channel website’s neat breed selector tool. They ask a series of questions that cover all the important lifestyle questions you should consider.


Royal Canin Dog Breed Finder: The Royal Canin pet food company has a breed finder tool that has an alphabetical listing of breeds with pictures on one side of the screen and filters you can use on the other side, so you can narrow down the list by your preferences.


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