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'Valentine Cat'

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The ideal Valentine's Day is here! Envision it; the music is low and smooth, the chocolate likewise. You have purple roses bedecking your room that make you look like you have a permanent Snapchat effect heightening your already fabulous features and everything on your Netflix queue will either make you cry or sigh -- and potentially both at the same time. Beside you reclines your favorite feline, the love of your life, the infinitely squishable and permanently adored kitty. This little cutie doesn't leave you because you want her to move in with you, and she's glad to give you your space because she understands Me Time. No matter how you spin it, Fuzzy Butt will keep it real and let you know how he feels, even if it leads to some unexpected claw swipes and a yowl. At the end of the day, this is the unadulterated love that counts, so get out your glitter glue and heart stickers, because it's time to make a card for your, "Valentine Cat."  Fun apparel comes in sizes to fit every Valentine!