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'Peace Love Adopt'

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"Peace, Love, Adopt" -- three simple words to reach genuine fulfillment. There are so many creatures that need our care, so put your heart on the line for all the pups, kitties and birds out there. Give that adorable mutt the scraps from your table and the scratches she deserves. Make sure that calico goes to bed with a full tummy and a warm snuggle buddy. And be absolutely sure that the Pit Bulls and Rottweilers of this world don't just survive the week, but learn the meaning of family. You can do your bit for the world with just a can of cat food and some tenderness. So head out to the shelter and show the world what you're made of!  And on your journey, our tees, tanks and sweatshirts make the perfect apparel!  Spread the word and start the conversation about adopting!  Remember never shop, always adopt!