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'Patriotic Chicken United Kingdom'

$ 23.95
Are you feeling cocky about your national sports teams? You're certain that you're on the winning side in football -- World Cup, here we come! -- and you're no chicken when a rugdy match comes up. But you are quite the fan of those fowl on the home front, so take that clucking creature, give it a few flags and, boom! You've got the, "United Kingdom Patriotic Chicken." It doesn't take much to see that this is one cool chick, the kind that is meant to win and who always gets the best paper crown on Boxing Day. Ultimately, this tee is about uniting you two great loves: your splendid country and the chickens that feed it day in and day out. So invite the residents of your backyard coop into your living room, open a few ales, and root for the home team on the telly.  Fun apparel that is perfect for a little UK pride!  Tee Shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops, so there is something for every season!