Welcome to our affiliate program! You can log in to your account here.

Once you have logged in you will see several tabs:

Dashboard: This is the first thing you will see when you log in. It contains all of your important information at a glance:  your payout schedule, referral link, and your referral code. There are also links to post to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email - all of which automatically contain your referral link.

Creatives: This is where you can get promotional material to help generate more sales. You can right-click to save an image, or click on any of them to get the html embed code which will automatically include your referral link.

Conversions: This is where you can keep track of all your sales, as well as search for specific referrals.

Payment History: This is where you can keep track of all past payouts.

Reporting: This is where you can get detailed data on anything related to your referrals.

Settings: This is where you can update your account settings. 

Referral Link & Code: There are two ways for you to receive credit for a sale from the affiliate program: your referral link and your referral code. When someone clicks your referral link to visit our website - our site automatically recognizes your link and anything purchased will be credited towards your affiliate account. This does not automatically apply a discount.  Your referral, or “coupon” code can be used on our website at checkout and it will automatically be counted towards your sales as well. Once entered, your code will also save the customer 10% on their entire order!  Credit for you and a savings for them!

Please Note: While we encourage you to post your code and link as often as you want on all of your social media pages, you must refrain from posting them on any of Animal Hearted's social media accounts. This includes tagging individuals or commenting with your code on any of our Instagram photos, Facebook posts, Pinterest photos, etc.. Also, affiliates may not submit codes to discount coupon web sites.  Failure to adhere to this policy will result in your account being revoked.  We appreciate your understanding.

Payouts: Commissions are based off subtotaled product price after discount and before shipping. Non profit organizations, are paid via donation thought through your organizations web site.    Payment are processed quarterly. 

Getting Started!

You are now ready to start promoting your codes.  Need some ideas for getting more referrals? Here are some suggestions from other successful affiliates:

  • Add your referral link as your website in your profile on Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest etc. This makes it easy to direct people to your link by saying things like “Save 10% off of your entire @animalhearted order with the code: ‘EXAMPLECODE’! The link to their store is in my profile!”
  • Post a photo of you or your pet wearing one of our products! We have found that seeing the actual product in the photo increases the likelihood of someone purchasing a product.
  • Add your code to the end of all your posts. Even if you aren't posting a photo of one of our products, adding your code to each post will still direct more people to our site!

 Reminder: Everything you do is representing Animal Hearted, so be tasteful in all of your promotions. 


Affiliate Program FAQs:

Should I post my affiliate link or discount code on my social media accounts?
We always suggest posting your discount code when posting images on Instragram.   If you want to post your unique link on Instagram, that would need to be added to your profile, not on your images.   For other social media platform, posting either the link or the discount code is acceptable.

May I use my code for my own purchase?

May I post my code on my other social media sites, such as Facebook?

Yes!  You are free to use your code to advertise on all your social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, Web Pages, etc. 

Do people just use my referral link to get the discount?
If people use the link, you will receive credit for the sale, but to get the discount they must enter your discount code.  The link is just a convenient way to point individuals to the web site.  You will be credited with the sale one of two ways:

1.  If they follow the link you provide, you will automatically receive credit, even if they choose not to use the discount.
2.  If they use the discount, you will automatically receive credit, even if they do not choose to use your referral link.

 Please note:  Affiliates may only post the discount code on their own web site and social media accounts.  Codes and links may not be posted on third party web sites.  Doing so will invalidate any commissions earned during that time period.  

Have any other questions? Please email: affiliates@animalhearted.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Animal Hearted affiliate policies subject to change without notice.