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'This Girl Loves Her Rabbit'

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Some girls go for Dior perfume or front row tickets to a Beyonce concert. Others want the new Tesla and a date with Justin Bieber. But others among us know that true contentment is easier to find, and our hearts are already claimed, so pop stars can take a seat as far as we're concerned! Yep, "This Girl Loves Her Rabbit," with its cute nose and eternally listening ears. Who else would you run home to tell you trials and tribulations to? Your main squeeze would have to put in their two cents and friends could blab, but Bunny Bucket will never spill your secrets and knows how to give you her full attention at every twist and turn of your fabulous tale. Sure, she's also eating copious amounts of hay while you're recounting your Starbucks saga, but you know she hears and cares. Take that key to your heart and just toss it, because you won't need to transfer it anytime soon; all your love has been spent on the most darling creature on four legs.  If your best friend is a furry bunny rabbit, then this is the perfect apparel for you!  Tee or tank or sweatshirt, there is something for all seasons.