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Shop gifts and clothing for Kuvasz dog lovers! Our Kuvasz shirts are available in tank tops, t-shirts & sweatshirts - in men's, women's & kids styles!


  • I Love Kuvaszok Womens Racerback Tank Top Athletic Grey
    I Love Kuvaszok Womens Racerback Tank Top White

    'I Love Kuvaszok'

    from $ 23.95

    The Kuvaszok dog has its origins in the country og Tibet.  This big beautiful while dog is daring, protective and makes a great guard dog!  Known t...

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  • Eat Sleep Pet Dogs Repeat Womens JR Fit Coral
    eat sleep pet dogs repeat shirt grey

    'Eat Sleep Pet Dogs Repeat'

    43 reviews
    $ 21.95

    We all have it, our daily routine.  Animal Hearted has just the tee to show the world that you have your priorities right! 'Eat Sleep Pet Dogs Repeat'

  • Save $ 5.00

    'Crazy Dog Lady' Beanie

    31 reviews
    Original price $ 19.95
    Current price $ 14.95

    Stand out from the crowd (and stay warm) with our 'Crazy Dog Lady' Beanie! The perfect addition to any dog lady's apparel collection! Available in ...

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  • 'Paws'

    196 reviews
    from $ 21.95

    Duh nuh. Duh nuh. Duh nuh duh nuh. If you’re reading this correctly, you just heard the JAWS theme song in your head. However, if you’ve never hear...

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