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'Cat Cobain'

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We know this shirt appeals to you because it'll make you look like a cool cat! Yeah ... no. As the one-and-only would say, "If chasing cool is important to you, you're an idiot!" So while we live in the paradox of loving this shirt for what it is but knowing we're idiots for wanting to look awesome in it around our friends, we can assuage our frail egos with the knowledge that Kurt would approve of how we're actively living our values with our animal-loving ways. After all, this legend stood up for the marginal and rocked his effeminate grunge self for 27 brilliant years. The least we can do is take care of the four-pawed among us and give them a solid belly rub from time to time. After you do this good deed, you can look up at the glorious "Cat Cobain" hanging in your closet and see him smiling down at you in approval.