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  • What Can Rabbits Eat? What to Feed Your Rabbit
    Jessica Northrup

    What Can Rabbits Eat? What to Feed Your Rabbit

    In the same way that a human being benefits from having a well-balanced diet, rabbits also benefit greatly from having dietary balance. Rabbits are not particularly high-maintenance when it comes to feeding, but at the same time, it is a...

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  • Can Bunnies and Chickens Live Together
    Jessica Northrup

    Can Rabbits and Chickens Live Together

    Can chickens and rabbits live together? Indeed, chickens and rabbits, two of the most popular farm animals that can live beautifully in harmony. History has proven that these little guys can actually enjoy each other's company! Nevertheless, there are some safeguards that need...

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  • Why You Should Adopt a Ruby-Eyed Rabbit
    Lisa Hertz

    Why You Should Adopt a Ruby-Eyed Rabbit

      Seems hard to believe since all bunnies are absolutely irresistible, but animal welfare experts report that ruby eyed white rabbits often get passed over at animal shelters and rabbit rescue organizations because of their red-toned eyes. Like dogs and...

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  • bunny gifts
    Aaron Seminoff

    10 Cutest Gifts for Your Favorite Bunny Lover

      It’s easy to buy presents for dog and cat lovers…cute dog and cat themed gifts are everywhere. But what if your BFF is crazy about rabbits? Don’t worry, there are lots of adorable bunny items out there, and not...

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